Monday, May 11, 2009

What It Means To Be a Mother

So I'm waking up this morning very, very, VERY grateful.

This Mother's Day weekend could have been a disaster. If you read my previous post  you would know that it started with a sick little boy with a double ear infection. Having a sick child is no fun, especially when that sick little one only wants to be held by YOU. ALL. DAY. when he doesn't feel good (Okay, now I know I should count my blessings here, and realize that someday I will miss the fact that my baby only wants to be held by me when he's sick...consider them counted :) ). However, after a horrific Friday, Tyler woke up Saturday morning like there was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong with him. He was happy, energetic, and ready to have some fun.

We decided to go grab some bagels for breakfast, and on the way there Cody started complaining that his tummy hurt. Hmmm. We got bagels, but he refused to eat one. Hmmm. He sat in my lap with his head on the table, and began looking so pathetic that we decided to head home. On the way home, he threw up. In the truck. Yeah. 

One child gets well. The other one gets sick. Such is life.

He actually only threw up that one time, and when we got home he took a really long nap. When he woke up, he was feeling much better. Mike let me go out shopping Saturday night at my favorite store, H&M, and I got a couple of really cute t-shirts and a funky new ring. I also got to see a movie...which was a nice treat :)

Sunday, he took the boys and got doughnuts so I could sleep in (BEST PRESENT EVER. SLEEP!).

It was an absolutely gorgeous day, and both boys seemed to be feeling 100% better, so we took them to get lunch and to play in the fountains at Suwanee Town Center Park.








I sat there watching my babies splash around in the water and it struck me how very blessed I am. Sick or not, I have two of the best little boys in the world, and a husband who loves me and supports me every day.

So I am grateful. Very, very, VERY grateful :)

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