Monday, May 18, 2009

The NEW Blog

Hey all you crazy kids,

When I started this whole blog thing I was pretty clueless...and admittedly, I still am. I began blogging at Wordpress, which was fine for a while, but then I wanted more options. As you can see, I've moved on to Blogger, and I'm LOVING it. So you'll have to find me here from now on, as I will no longer post to the Wordpress site. I will make one final post there to redirect anyone else who might wander over there by mistake. And I apologize to you dear ones who left precious comments on each of my Wordpress blogs. Somehow in the transfer I lost them, so please, feel free to make new ones and keep reading!!


Update: I'm a I just realized that I had set up this blog to moderate (be able to approve or reject) comments. So all I had to do was approve them, and POOF, they're there now! Yea!

1 comment:

  1. HI!!! So glad you switched. I'm biased when it comes to using blogger. It's great. :) Love your background. It's looks fantastic!!!