I'm Beth. I'm a wife and stay-at-home mom, and an aspiring novelist when I'm not doing those other two things. My blog is my happy place, a place where I come to decompress and connect with other like-minded individuals, be they parents, fellow writers, or crazies like me.

I write tri-weekly. On Mommy Mondays you can find me writing about my many misadventures in motherhood (wow, that would make a great book title). Which brings me to Writer Wednesdays, where I write about my journey as a wannabe novelist and the things I'm learning along the way. Fun Fridays  are a free-for-all. I could be writing about global economics (why are you laughing?) or posting a YouTube video that I've found particularly hilarious (oh, so THAT'S believable, is it?).

I hope you enjoy being here as much as I do. If you do, by all means let me know (by following, commenting, stalking). I'm a writer -- I'm a black hole for praise.