Wednesday, May 6, 2009

That's weird, when did I move to Kansas?

So all of northern Georgia is under a tornado watch right now.

Tornado. Watch.

This is such an accurate description, since that is exactly what I do when we're under such circumstances; I sit at my window and watch. For tornadoes. 

My Georgia friends laugh when I tell them I'm scared of tornadoes. They say things like, "Oh, we've never had a tornado come close to us!" or "It's not like they're the F5 tornadoes out in Kansas or anything, they're just little ones." I didn't know there was such a thing as a "little" tornado. Like it's going to knock your house down, you know, just a "little".

I don't remember there ever being this many tornadic type storms when we first moved here (which will be 3 years ago in July!). I'm used to hurricanes - being blissfully unaware what is going on outside because the windows are boarded up with plywood and I'm too busy stuffing my face with all the "non-perishables" that my mom bought at the grocery store for hurricane preparedness. I put "__" on non-perishables, because in our house that meant Cheez Doodles and Nutty Bars, not cans of soup and powdered milk. Gosh, I miss my mom.

Anyway, so I had a good little scare about a month ago when the sky turned wicked dark and it started to hail.



We were under a tornado warning, and a few tornadoes came a bit too close to our neck of the woods. No damage here, but enough to scare the pants off of this former-Florida girl. Plus, that mother of mine - the one who bought steak instead of Spam for the hurricane - she has ruined me for life when it comes to tornadoes. You know the power of suggestion, right? Well this is what I heard from my mom all the time as a kid. "THE SKY IS TURNING GREEN! THAT SKY IS GREEN, STAN (my dad). I SWEAR IT LOOKS LIKE A TORNADO OUT THERE." Did any of you know that the sky turns green when there's a tornado? Well, it does.

And so I sit, and I watch. For green skies. And tornadoes.

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