Sunday, May 17, 2009

Some Advice About Garage Sales...

If you value your marriage...don't have one. :) 

Just Kidding! (sort of...hee hee) We had our garage sale this Saturday, and it went great. We sold a lot of crap that I can't believe we held onto for so long, like my size 8 jeans that I was saving to try and get back into after having a baby and then realized that there's something that happens to your hips when you birth two children that is somewhat irreversible and that I will never fit into them again stuff and I feel so much better about being rid of it all!

Cody was a big helper to Daddy, and sat outside with him and welcomed all the bargain hunters. Although, it was a bit traumatic for him, since he was watching other kids pull up with their parents and leave with HIS toys. I don't know what was harder for him, parting with his toys, or realizing that the kids were not, in fact, there to play with him.

The weather cooperated just long enough to finish up the sale. As we were loading all of the things we didn't sell into the truck to be donated, it began pouring rain.

Tonight, we are celebrating our hard work by.....GOING TO SEE COLDPLAY!!! I could not be more excited...unless I was talking about our upcoming trip to California without the kids...and then the whole sentence would have to be in caps :)

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