Monday, May 2, 2011

Work It, Girl

I know, I know, I did it again. I left you all for a week with no warning. HOWEVER, I had good reason, I swear!

MOMMY GOT A J-O-B! That's right, I am going back to work...FULL TIME. Last week was spent scrambling around trying to find interview clothes (thanks, Jodi), remembering how to put makeup on so it didn't look like my four-year-old did it (thanks, YouTube), re-learning how to walk in heels so I didn't break my freshly makeup-ed face (thanks, Carrie Bradshaw), and reviewing my dictionary for words other than "stop", "don't", "put that down", and "here, let me wipe that" (thanks, Merriam-Webster).

It was a success, and as of May 9th I am employed. I definitely have mixed emotions going into it - like how am I going to adjust from being home full time to being in an office full time (and away from my kiddos)? And also, how am I going to fit in any kind of writing with working full time and being mommy? I don't know the answers, but I know it's all going to be okay.

So. What does this mean for the good ol' blog, and for you, my wonderful friends? It means I need to go away for a bit. I wish I could say that I could pull this transition off and maintain the blog at the same time, but the truth is, I am not insane THAT organized! I wish I had a stockpile of posts just waiting for me to hit "publish", but I don't. I'm a pantser, a day-to-day kind of girl. So that's exactly what I'm going to do: take this day by day. I might pop in to post from time to time, but for now, I'm going to focus my energies and brainpower on settling into the new job.

You know I'll miss you. And in case you don't know...I'LL MISS YOU.