Monday, April 6, 2009

Summer is Here!

Well, okay...not technically. The weather is still vacillating between cold and warm, the trees don't quite have their leaves back, and our community pool is still closed.


We got a picnic table yesterday! Here's what it'll look like when I'm finished with it (sanding and staining and all)!


I could not be more excited. Now I know you're probably thinking, "A picnic table? Not so exciting." For me, though, it is! It's sturdy (which is a plus, since my boys are human wrecking balls) and it's just makes you want to sit elbow to elbow with your closest family and friends. We had a picnic table when I was little, and I remember our family having cookouts, birthdays, holidays, and many other fun memories on it. I have wanted one for a while now, so that when the weather DOES finally cooperate, we can use it to make our own awesome memories. we come!


Note: You'll notice my page has a new look, and I finally took the time and figured out how to add pictures to my blog. I know, duh. So from now on they'll be a little more colorful :)

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