Wednesday, April 22, 2009

In Honor of Earth Day

When we first visited Georgia almost four years ago, I fell in love. We came in the summertime; the weather was warm, and everything was green (this was before we went head first into a drought!). 


One of the things I loved the most when we moved here, was how close I felt to God when we would drive over the Buford Dam at sunset. From the dam you can see Lake Lanier on one side, and The Chattahoochee River on the other. I've been to states that are far more beautiful than Georgia (Glacier National Park in Montana comes to mind), but this place takes my breath away nonetheless.


My parents visited this weekend, and we were able to spend some time on Lake Lanier fishing with our boys.







It was perfect. It was cloudy and breezy, and every once in a while, the sun would peek out from behind the clouds and make everything come alive with color.





Even in the overcast moments, it was beautiful.




Thank you God, for your awesome creation!

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  1. I use to help out in a dog (ruled) kennel in Stone Mountain. I loved that job. Owners eventually sold kennel and I don't live in Ga anymore. Cool job tho.