Thursday, April 23, 2009

Another Celebrity Mom I Adore

My closest friends know that I'm a bit of a celebrity junkie. I read People magazine (which my aunt so graciously supplies me), US, In Touch, and dare I say it, the occasional gay gossip blogger, Perez Hilton. GO AHEAD. JUDGE ME.

All that said, I just love this new article with Jennifer Garner in In Style magazine. My friend Gina (who is MORE obsessed with Jen Garner than I admittedly am) and I used to joke that if Jennifer Garner knew either one of us that she would TOTALLY want to be our best friends. Yes, I'm aware we sound like total stalkers. She just seems like a normal person, for a celebrity anyway.

Gina, this post is dedicated to you. Enjoy! :)



  1. YYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY!!! jennifer garner!!!! we LOVE her!!! haha.. thanks for the dedication beth!!! she would so totally be our bff.. totally!!! love ya girl!!1

  2. Sorry little pretty skinny Jennifer G, Beth already has a best friend forever. SHE'S TAKEN!!! Back off. Mine Mine Mine.

    I love your blogs. Short and hilarious, I can do that.

    Love you. XOXO AD