Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I'll never sleep again...ever

It's 12:15 am and I'm still awake.

I WANT to sleep. In fact, I've TRIED to sleep. I attempted to sleep at 10:45. Couldn't fall asleep. Probably should not have drank that Chai tea from Starbucks (and it was a tall...not even a venti!). So I did a little bit of reading to calm me down and then tried again at 11:30. At 11:45, Tyler woke me up. Went back to bed at 11:47. Fell asleep for about 1 minute, then Mike started snoring. It's 12:17 now, and I'm guessing any minute Cody will wake up for the middle of the night bed switcheroo, which will banish me from my own comfy bed to either his bed or the downstairs guest bed (because there is no way I'm trying to sleep with a snoring husband AND a toddler with restless leg syndrome in a queen sized bed). 

I keep asking myself...will I ever get a full night's sleep...EVER? I cannot remember the last time I slept 8 6 straight hours. It might've been my last vacation without kids, and I can't honestly remember when that was either. 

No sleepy makes mommy grumpy. :(

1 comment:

  1. At least you have had a vacation without kids... I'm on 3 1/2 yrs with not ONE night away from the kiddos......