Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Just When You Thought It Was A Good Idea...

...to put your dirty dishes in the oven because your company was going to be arriving in about 30 seconds...

...IT'S NOT.

And just in case you're wondering, that's a spaghetti strainer, child's bowl (melted under the strainer), and two sippy cups.

My poor husband decided to make an oven-baked pizza the other night, and when he opened the perfectly preheated oven to put his pizza in, he found the above. I had forgotten to take the aformentioned dirty dishes OUT of the oven and put them IN the dishwasher. Guess I won't make that mistake again...or will I???

My friend, Katie, calls these moments of forgetfulness "momnesia", and I wholeheartedly agree. Some of my finer "momnesia" moments include:

- buckling my child into the carseat and driving to the park, not realizing the car seat was never fastened in with the car seatbelt.

- pouring Coke into my son's sippy cup, instead of the apple juice right next to it (imagine HIS delight!)

- pulling out of my driveway with a very large drink on top of my car (we all know how that one ends)

- putting my son into a pull-up diaper thinking it was a swimmy diaper, and watching it grow and swell, wondering all the while why on EARTH it would be doing that?

What are your momnesia moments???

*Update: I actually just found this article through an email, and thought I'd share it since it pertains so nicely to this conversation.


  1. Oh my gosh! I've melted a plastic bowl to the point of flames in my oven. That is a wretched smell. Glad it wasn't worse.

    I'm cracking up over the swim diaper moment. That is so funny.

    Momnesia, that's a great word. Ummm, yeah, I try to block out those moments when the oxygen wasn't flowing to my brain. But here are a few:

    *Ran over my cell phone, once. It fell out of my purse when I was getting into my car, didn't know it until I heard a crunch backing out.
    *Forgot the swim bag at home when I took the kids to swim lessons.
    *Trying to figure out why twin 2 kept crying while worrying twin 1's dry diaper. Turns out I thought I had changed T2, but no, it was T1's diaper I had changed. I only realized my error after waking my husband and telling him I thought we should take T1 to the hospital because he must be severly dehydrated (please understand this was in the early days of infanthood and under severe sleep deprivation).

  2. Momnesia! That's a great word. I love the picture. I think I'm having a momnesia moment right now because I can't think of an example, but there have been plenty! Believe me.

  3. Oh, I'm laughing! I love momnesia! I've had more of that than I can remember, more momnesia!

  4. Ooops. LOL!

    I recently was making coffee in my coffee maker and poured the coffee grounds actually into the water and not the filter. I was half asleep. :)

  5. I once did something similar...left a George Forman in the oven. Believe it or not Target exchanged it?! Can you believe I even tried to exchange it? :D I mean it when I say, I'll try anything.
    ~ Wendy

  6. Love t his post!!! Makes me not feel so bad about my mommy-nesia moments. The cup thing on the car...yea, I did that before I was a mother. And your last one had me laughing out loud.

  7. Diane - Total mom freakout thinking that your child is dehydrated when you really just changed the wrong kid's diaper...TOTALLY something I would do!
    Susan - I don't believe you...fess up! ;p
    Jody - I would imagine with 5 kiddos that you have!
    Jennifer - I would do the same thing...if I drank coffee (okay, now I've waved my freak flag...she doesn't drink coffee???? WHAAAT??).
    Wendy - You're my hero! I'm terrified of Customer Service at Target.
    Katie - Glad to make you laugh! What I forgot to mention was that the pull up actually ended up exploding (where all the guts of it coming pouring out. Have you ever had that happen? Those little absorbent gel balls are NOT easy to clean up!)

    Thanks for the comments ladies!!!

  8. Oh girl....My mom has a really small kitchen so she stored her dish washing plastic bucket thingie in the oven...forgot to mention it to me...except it melted all over the racks and the bottom of the oven. Needless to say I DO NOT STORE anything in the oven...cause I know I will forget! Today I walked out of Wyman's pre-K class and forgot Grace in there! Thank God my friend was there and she said..."Um...Grace!" A year ago I locked both kids in the car outside of Wyman's day care...thank God he got out of his car seat and unlocked the door...then I did it again....like 2 days later with just Grace and had to wait for my friend to drop off a spare key...and it was RIGHT in front of day care...like in front of the door with everyone driving by. I was informed you can call the fire dept and they will get your kid out...OK that sounds humiliating in itself! I can hear them now..."Another Mom locked her kid in the car...fire up the truck!". We are Moms and we are allowed to do these things!

  9. Lol. I've done two of those before. Ooops! I'm surprised as Mom's we don't do more forgetful kinds of things because we multitask to much!

  10. I am blog hopping today and came across you. I love the "I'm insane" title. It's a little bit similar to my own. I think it's a good thing when we can admit it.

    Several times I have thrown stuff in the oven and then grabbed it right out because I KNEW I would do this.

  11. Oh yeah, been there, done that! actually, what i'm really bad for is pulling something out of the oven, eating dinner, and then tossing the leftovers back in the (warm) oven for my husband to eat when he gets home from work. Usually this works well. Not so much when he gets home later than usual and having already eaten, because he'll just see the oven is on and turn it off. ANd I'll forget I left stuff in there.

    And then the next time I preheat the oven I'll wonder what that curious burning smell is from...

  12. Okay Beth, sorry, I can't say I ever 'stored away' something in the oven but this was so funny! I know I've had those mom moments but it is blending with the menopausal moments and I can't keep it all straight! :)
    Love your blog!

  13. I do know I've done what Purplelizard has done. Definitely remember those times!!!!