Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'd like you to meet the Newest Italian Members of My Family

Bigotti and Patrutti (at least I imagine that's how you'd spell it).

These are the new names my sons have been using instead of their own for a few days now. I never realized when I named my children that they would actually prefer to be named after THE MAFIA!

I will call to Tyler (my youngest) and Cody (my oldest) will say, "No, Mommy. That's not Tyler, that's Bigotti." And when I say to Cody, "Cody, go pick up your sippy cup," Tyler will answer me and say, "No, Patrutti (which really comes out like Puhtwuuti)."

They've also decided that Bigotti and Patrutti also make great invisible friends. They like to play the "Blame it on the Invisible Italian" game. It goes something like this.

Me: "Where are my keys?"
Cody: "I think Bigotti took them. Or maybe it was Patrutti."
Me: "Oh, well in that case, you tell those gangsters TO FIND MY KEYS OR NO ICE CREAM FOR DESSERT."

Mommy can play gangster, too!


  1. That's hilarious! Kids come up with the funniest stuff, Mommy Soprano.

  2. Oh my! Ha, ha, ha what funny little guys you have!

  3. You absolutely and thoroughly crack me up!
    ~ Wendy

  4. Oh, too cute! I just love the creative minds of our little ones! Aren't they a huge blessing? :)

  5. That's so funny! Mommy's are probably the best kinds of gangsters. No one suspects them!

  6. Thanks for the comments ladies...and glad I could give you a little laugh today :) Children keep life interesting - that's for sure!

  7. That is so hilarious!!! Love the idea that they would be genius enought to BOTH choose the mafia. Would so not work if one went Italian and the other went German!!!

  8. haha.. beth- that is priceless!! i LOVE IT!! ...this summer, we were at a pool and the boys were in the hot tub introducing themselves to all the big kids as "luigi and mario" haha.. love them!