Thursday, August 13, 2009

Can't Wait!

For this movie! I love (love love love!) Rachel McAdams, and I think she will be fantastic in this film. I also, coincidentally, love Eric Bana - something about that Aussie accent! ;)

To see the trailer click here!

How do you feel about books made into movies? Have you ever seen a movie that lived up to the book...or was better?


  1. I am not a chick flick kinda gal, but this movie looked interesting. I thought the Last of the Mohicians movie was better than the book.

  2. I haven't read the book, but the movie looks excellent. I thought The Notebook movie may have been even better than the book, but usually the book is better.

  3. What a great question. I think it's rare that movies do books justice. The Lord of the Rings trilogy was powerful. Have yet to see My Sister's Keeper and I want to both read and see this one.
    ~ Wendy

  4. Typically, I don't think movies ever live up to the book. But this one might. I can't wait to see it either!

  5. Diane - I never read Last of the Mohicans - but the movie was excellent, so I might just have to read the book!
    Julie - I thought the same thing about The Notebook - which coincidentally I watched last night for about the 1000th time :)
    Wendy - if we lived near one another I would TOTALLY see MSK with you, since I haven't seen it yet either!
    Susan - here's hoping!

    Thanks for the comments ladies! Will definitely post back after I see the movie (hopefully sometime this weekend!)

  6. Rachael McAdams is one of my fave's, too! Seems like she is forgotten more often than other actresses. Don't know that I'll get to see the movie any time soon, but definitely would love to see it one of these days...preferably before it comes on t.v.! LOVE the book becomes movie, but I agree that most books are better than the I have time for books anyhow. I would love to read this one first...maybe I will in my spare time, whereever that might be! Let me know how it is if you see it! From one R.M. fan to another! Peace out!

  7. Oh my goodness Beth!! I squealed when I saw the picture of your post, because I can't wait either!!! I also love Rachel McAdams and the previews looks SO good! We'll have to squee together after it comes out and we've watched it. :)

  8. Ally - you are too funny. I will definitely let you know if it's good!
    Katie - consider it a SQUEE date ;)

  9. I love Rachel McAdams! Definitely let us know what you thought of the movie!