Friday, August 21, 2009

Blame It on the Rain...

Can't you just hear Milli Vanilli??? 

Yesterday afternoon, I was really making progress on my novel. I had hit a creative artery and the words were flowing heavily...and then my kids woke up from their nap! Argh!

I had every intention of blogging and doing some work on my MS last night after the kids were asleep, but nature had other plans for me. I sat down at the computer at about 10:30pm, and almost that second, a huge bolt of lightning crashed outside. Now, in most homes, this is not such a big deal. In OUR home however, BIG, BIG, DEAL. 

My hubby does most of his video editing on the computer that has our Internet connection (we have plans to get wireless, just to make our lives easier, but have not done it yet). Mere seconds after the first crash of lightning, Mike comes running into the office begging me to shut down the computer so nothing happens to it. OK, OK, I grumble. Children are still asleep at this point (thank God for sound machines), so I decide to grab my laptop with 80% battery life and try to write a little. HA HA...didn't happen.

Second crashing lightning bolt and following thunder awakens our youngest child (guess the sound machine just wasn't loud enough!). Now, this part actually broke my heart, because when I went in to get him he was literally shaking he was so "scawed" by the storm. I brought him into our bedroom and he proceeded to shake until the storm was over (roughly 45 minutes). He finally went back to sleep, and I decided that I should too. 

All that to say, no blog yesterday, and no MS pages finished. Here's hoping the kids nap today, so I can get some more writing done.

Are you able to pick right back up where you left off when you're writing is interrupted? 


  1. Oh wow, and IT IS interrupted so very often. Sometimes (I know this might sound cheesy) I close my eyes to get back to where my character was. Can't YOU just hear Dorothy, "There's no place like home." Funny, I can't b/c I'm hearing, "Girl I'm Gonna Miss You." :D

  2. I hate it when things like that keep from writing. But we have no control over it, so I guess we just have accept it. Hope you get much writing done today!

  3. Oh your poor little guy. Sorry, you're writing streak got interrupted.

    As for being able to pick up where I left off? If I'm on a roll and the creativity is there it depends on how long the interruption lasts. If I get a quick question, I can usually get right back on track. However, if the kids are arguing and interrupting, no I will lose my train of thought.

  4. Oh yes! I've learned to stop and then pick it back up quite a bit each day. Although it's not ideal, some days it's all I get! But, I will say, I love the extended times of writing the most! When hubby is watching the kids and I can write relatively uninterrupted for a couple of hours!

  5. Yes, and the only reason I can is because I write an extensive outline first! Hope your kiddos napped for you today!

  6. Wendy - I can't close my eyes...lest I fall asleep!
    Susan - I got a little bit done, but if you've read my recent post, you'll know it wasn't much!
    Diane - here's hoping your children cooperate for you!
    Jody - I'm jealous you can stop and start! Maybe with time I'll evolve into someone who can do that too! :P
    Katie - I'm not a great outliner, but I'm thinking maybe I need to try harder!

    Thanks to all of you for your awesome comments. You are such a blessing to me!