Monday, November 2, 2009

Lessons I learned this Halloween

1. You CAN get a hangover from candy. The remedy? MORE CANDY.
2. Your child COULD be allergic to his costume. But since you paid $40 for it, you WILL give him Benadryl and tell him to buck up.
3. Carving three pumpkins = insanity.
4. Use old Christmas lights to light your pumpkin instead of an actual candle if you're going to be leaving your house on Halloween. That way, your house doesn't burn down and everyone can still enjoy the stenciled-on ghost face that your husband painstakingly carved out of your enormous pumpkin. Everyone wins.
5. Buy a smaller pumpkin next year.
6. Trick or treating in the cold and rain is still fun for kids. For adults...not so much.
7. Make sure you're invited to a friend's house where this recipe is being served. Trust me.
8. Make sure that friend is a great photographer, because you might get just about the cutest picture you've ever seen of your kid in a costume.

And now a word about the Fall Back time change: When you think it's a good idea to stay over at your friend's house and keep your kids up later so that they'll "sleep in" the next morning instead of waking up an hour earlier? IT'S NOT.
That is all.
You're welcome.


  1. Your list had me laughing. Thanks for sharing. I was boring this weekend. No candy, no house hopping, just couch sitting & movie watching.

  2. Oh, what a sweet picture!! My friend is a photographer, too. I take her everywhere with me. LOL

  3. I love those pictures! The unposed ones are usually better, you see the personality. How cute they both are! LOL at your list. And agree.

  4. You can get a hangover from candy!

    This list is too funny. Thanks for the Monday laugh out louds!

  5. Hilarious!! We are still hungover from candy. Love the picture of you!! We never get to see parents on

  6. Those are great lessons! I tried to let my kids stay up as well. It always backfired! Ha! Adorable pics!

  7. What a cute picture! And you're so right about that last point. You'd think I'd learn once and for all but every year I still keep the kids up later, hoping they'll sleep in. Never works!

  8. That picture is ADORABLE! Thanks for sharing! Hilarous post. Good laughs on a Monday evening.

  9. Love all of your lessons! Too cute! And Buzz and Woody are adorable too!

  10. The boys look great and you're costume looks cute! And I ditto the three pumpkin insanity. *off to check out said recipe*

  11. Oh my goodness, that IS an adorable picture!

  12. Great picture! Thanks for the life lessons too. Can't win for losing, can we?

  13. Regina - honestly, I wish I had been doing the same!
    Jennifer - if only I could get a personal lighting assistant, too...then it would be perfect!
    Karen - Thank you! And I like the candid shots the best, too.
    Tamika - You absolutely can, and you are welcome :)
    Jess - Soak it in, because it will be rare indeed ;)
    Heather - You'd thin we'd learn!
    Cindy - NEVER EVER WORKS! Why do we do this to ourselves???
    Katie - Glad I could make you laugh :)
    Jody - Thank you! And I'm so honored that you would stop by and comment with as busy as you are!
    T. Anne - seriously, you have to try that recipe, it will change your life.
    Janna - thanks! :)
    Susan - Thank you, and your welcome...that was weird to write.

    Goodnight you lovely people, you all make me smile.

  14. Great pics. And number two cracked me up.

  15. What a humorous and true! list. And what cuties you and your sons.
    ~ Wendy

  16. so cute. My son was totally obsessed with Buzz and Woody when he was little. Great costumes. I can't believe he was allergic to it. Crazy.

  17. Roni - year we are definitely trying the thing on in the store...ugh.
    Wendy - Thank you...I don't feel very cute, but thank you all the same! ;P
    Lois - They had just seen the movie again in 3D at the movie theater, for them it was the obvious choice!

  18. You have a little gift over at my blog. :)

  19. Cute! I'm going to go remedy my candy hangover with your solution. Thanks!