Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Buckle in...this might get bumpy

So I'm going to attempt something I've never done before. Mommy Monday and Writer Wednesday ALL IN ONE DAY. Can you handle it? I hope you've got your big girl panties on (or big boy briefs for that lone male reader out there a.k.a my husband. Ahem.)!

Mommy Monday was, well, busy. I had just come off of a LOVELY weekend with some even more lovely ladies (thank you JODI!!!). My husband was all alone with the children the whole weekend, so the house was...well, it was a little bit of a disaster area when I got home. I was able to get the majority of it cleaned up while the boys were in preschool, and also get a little bit of writing done. However, I was NOT able to get my Mommy Monday post up, so this will have to suffice. Mommy was BUSY.

As for Writer Wednesday? Well, this writer is trying to get herself ORGANIZED. I gotta tell ya, it's not looking so good. I have been trying to save bits and pieces of advice (from other writers/publishers/agents blogs) in file folders for future reference. I've got them labeled according to type of advice, ex. first draft, editing, critique groups, grammar, publishing, etc. However, at the moment I have a stack of mish mashed papers staring at me, just begging for a home. Quite frankly, I don't have the energy to find them a home right now. All I want to find is my bed and go to sleep.

What do you do to stay organized with your writing, whether it be research for your book or research on writing in general?


  1. I love the idea of creating a file of relevant information. Most of my knowledge comes from these posts.

    Thanks Beth!

  2. You are asking the wrong person. You should see my writing space. I've got at least five stacks of paper. Soon, they'll be taller than me. :)

  3. I end up writing on anything I can find often. That means Hello Kitty notepad paper and napkins, etc. I throw it all into a basket. The basket is carried to the computer whenever I sit to write. It has all the goods in it. I like having one place with folders, journals and random papers in it that represents what I'm doing with my writing. I even have my agent research journal in that one basket.
    Can you tell, I like baskets? ~ Wendy

  4. I don't do a very good job keeping organized. I mostly keep everything on the computer and then just pull it up when I need it.

  5. I'm envious of your weekend away! Glad you enjoyed it.

    I'm not organized, and this goes back to the fact the I'm a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pantser. I keep thinking I should change this...

  6. Organized, you used the "O" word??? Uh oh. Well I do have a file, but then I have papers everywhere, and I know which stack they are under/in. Does that count?

  7. Good for you! Organization? Manila folders and loose-leaf binders. Oh, and baskets! They hide lots of treasures!

    Have a great weekend!

  8. You got cleaning AND writing done. You have a free ticket to be disorganized in your writing space.