Thursday, September 17, 2009

How to Ruin a Perfectly Good Dinner

I was on Facebook earlier, updating my status and sharing my frustration about a woman who had SCREAMED at her (I assume) daughter at Chick-fil-A (in my book the second happiest place on earth - Disney World being THE happiest), sending the little girl into hysterics. 

The little girl couldn't have been older than 3, so the Overprotective Defender of the Defenseless part of my brain kicked into high gear. I wasn't thinking about where this insane woman was coming from; whether she had gotten fired that day, hadn't received child support from her estranged husband, or whether she was bullied as a child. 

I pretty much just wanted to punch her in the face. My most Christian response? Of course not. I'm sure the look on my face spoke volumes, because the woman quickly took her sobbing daughter and left. 

In hindsight, I know I shouldn't have judged. We've all been there - where we've lost our patience with our spouse, kids, co-worker...whomever. I just couldn't believe it. I still can't believe it. Maybe it's the weather. We're on Day 3 of rain here in Georgia. It let up for a little while this evening, hence the trip to Chick-fil-A.'s the part where I attempt to change the subject because I'm not proud of myself for my knee jerk reaction to this woman. Although, when I tell you what I'm about to tell you, I'm not so sure it's going to make me look that much better. 

I'm pretty much going to admit to being a 15 year old trapped in a 28 year old's body. 

I'm watching Vampire Diaries* tonight. 

I saw the season premiere last week, and given my Twilight obsession (yep, that's me flying my freak flag proudly), I'm tuning in again this week. They are VERY similar...hmmm.

*I'm going to make myself feel better and say that it's "research", since maybe someday I'll attempt to write a young adult novel. :)


  1. Ha ha! I'm watching Vampire Diaries tonight, too! I read the books when I was younger and just couldn't pass it up :D

  2. I set my DVR to record Vampire Diaries. I'll catch up with it this weekend.

    And I totally understand you reaction to the other mother. I've stared down the bad parents I come across in public. From someone who worked in the child abuse field for two years, let me tell you -- it's usually pretty noticeable if you're seeing a frazzled, stressed parent, or just a plain old bad parent.

    Finally (man this is turning into a long comment) I love ChickFilA. It's the best fast food out there! I mean, waffle fries beat out the others hands down.

  3. Darn it! I forgot about Vampire Diaries again. Maybe next week. And by all means, consider it research!

  4. We all have pride at times giving us those reactions. I have no excuse for my weird sci-fi obsessions and vampires are one of them.... :O)

  5. I think we all have a freak flag. I'm glad you wave yours proudly. :D
    ~ Wendy

  6. I understand your Chick-fil-A reaction! That always fires me up to see children shouted at or talked to like that. It is not our place to condemn somebody, but making a simple judgment call like "hmm, that person probably needs some prayer because that WASN'T right" is okay and natural in my opinion.

    Sometimes we let our shock or disgust show on our face. It's hard not to. You're so great to admit it probably wasn't the best thing ever. I have a hard time admitting that part sometimes. I feel like "they deserved that" or "maybe that taught them something" when that is not my place.

    Thanks for the unintentional lesson in humility today. Also, I need to at least watch this Vampire Diaries thing once...

  7. No shame in the Vampire Diaries! But shame on that woman for yelling at her young child in public. That is always very awkward and strange and icky to see...