Tuesday, September 22, 2009


The sun has graced us with its presence today...FINALLY! 

I was literally cursing our reproductive choices in not having more children, because I really thought we'd be needing some more strapping young males (or freakishly tall females like myself!) to build ourselves an ark. The rain in Georgia has been HORRIBLE! I'm sure you've seen us on the news. No? Well, here you go.

With the days of rain came the inevitable cabin-fever crazies! My children have been horrific - which makes for a very exhausted Mommy and Daddy. But stories like this make me thankful to have those children, horrific or not.

I inadvertently took it out my blog...didn't post at all while it rained. Maybe God really DOES like my blog, since now we have sunshine??? No, really, the rain hasn't made me go mental, I'm just REALLY excited about the sunshine. 

Moving on.

Blog I did not. But write I did! I made some really good progress with my novel. The rain and clouds provided just the right mood to let me write a really difficult scene. 

Does your environment affect your writing? Do you have a special place where you write? For my non-writing friends, does the weather affect your mood?


  1. Glad things cleared up down there! That's scary.

    I don't know if my environment effects my writing, but my mood certainly does! But I would say writing when it's raining is one of my favorite times to write.

  2. Wow! You weren't near any of the flooding were you?

    I know I get a lot more writing done when the weather is stinky and we can't play outside. We've had a gorgeous couple months here in the Northwest, maybe that's why I haven't been very productive.

  3. I write in our playroom and when it rains I try to close my eyes. SADD. Or self-diagnosed at least.

    Okay most of this was teasing, but parts of it might be true. How's that for a cryptic comment.
    ~ Wendy

  4. Glad you got some good writing done, Beth! I tend to prefer rainy days for writing!

  5. Weather is huge for me. In NY I think 95% of the people are Vitamin D deficient and it makes me gloomy. :O)

  6. I don't really write, but if I did write it would be from 10 pm - 1 am regardless of the weather. I love my Broccoli.

  7. I want to comment back to all of you - but my head is killing me. Suffice to say...THANK YOU for your comments today! xoxo

  8. Weather has a huge impact on my writing. I get the most done during the cold months of winter. I think it's because I'm not tempted to go outside. It was rainy all day here yesterday, and I got so much writing (well revision) done. Congratulations on getting your own writing done.

  9. Hi Beth,
    This is my first visit to your charming blog--I'm here from Jody's blog.

    My sister-in-law lives in the Atlanta area and we've heard about how bad the rain has been. I'm SO glad you finally have a sunny day, especially with two little boys. Glad also that you got some good writing done.

    Nice to meet you!