Monday, September 14, 2009

Oh, Dear Jane

I'm no English major (and boy, do I WISH I was), but in my opinion, no one does it like Jane Austen. 

The reason I'm thinking of her, is because I'm watching Pride and Prejudice (Keira Knightly version) on TV for the 1000th time. No, it doesn't compare to the book (or the version with Colin Firth, for that matter), but I can't NOT watch this movie, whichever version is on TV at any given time. (My mother-in-law knows EXACTLY what I'm talking about...Hi Mom!)

I also have to say that nothing makes me think my writing sucks more than reading Jane Austen (or any of the classics). It makes me want to throw my computer against the wall, since I have the vague notion that I will NEVER be as good as Austen, Hemingway, Steinbeck, London, or Wharton. (Okay, okay, I can hear all of you saying it, "YOU ARE AS GOOD AS YOU STRIVE TO BE!" Consider it noted!) 

On a lighter note, my son played AWESOME in his t-ball game tonight, and he looks super cute in his uniform. At least if I never become a world-renowned novelist, I can proudly proclaim that I BIRTHED THIS ADORABLE CHILD. 

**Rest In Peace, Patrick Swayze. Dirty Dancing is still one of my all-time favorite movies.


  1. Your son is so cute! That picture made me miss when my sons were younger. They both play competitive baseball now. They still look cute in their uniforms, though. :) And, yes, Rest In Peace, Patrick Swayze.

  2. He IS adorable!! And I love Pride and Prejudice too. Yes, Austin and the other classic writers were very good, but when I read them I also have been realizing that we can't strive to be like them. I'm listening to Little Women on tape and while Alcott does a fabulous job with the story and characterization, she would not sell today. Her writing is archaic to today's standard. In one part she says: "And now I'm going to describe each of my characters." And she proceeds on to TELL everything about, everything! She didn't need to do that, because she does such a great job SHOWING their character later. Anyway, all that to say, be encouraged that you can write for today's generation of readers!

  3. "You are as good as you strive to be." Nice! Your boy is cool! :D My first novel had a woman die of pancreatic cancer, so I read a lot about Patrick and that news was very sad.
    ~ Wendy

  4. That's a great pic!

    My advice is, don't compare yourself to other writers, particularly those who wrote the classics. Because techniques and voices have changed so much since then. Because if we focus on all that other writing, and on others, we can never fully give over to our own creativity and find out how great we could be.

    It should be about your voice, and mine, not Jane's. :)

  5. Susan - Thanks! I just love him in his little baseball pants - and what you can't see is that his socks are just a tiny bit too big, so they kind of balloon out - so funny!
    Jody - thank you for you encouragement! I didn't even realize Alcott did that in Little strange!
    Wendy - he gets his coolness from his daddy, mommy's kind of lame ;P
    Janna - Thanks for the advice, and I'm definitely working on finding MY voice (let's just hope people want to HEAR, read it!) :)

  6. Your boy is SO cute!! I LOVE Pride and Prejudice. I like the new version...but just like you said, ummmm....Colin Firth...*swoon* *drool* all that gushy stuff. I have such a crush on his version of Mr. Darcy. The scene when he comes out of the pond with wet clothes and runs into Elizabeth!

    That is all besides the point! If your story-writing is anything like your blog-writing, you are fabulous!

  7. Katie - It is YOU who are fabulous, my dear. And thanks for reminding me of the pond...I will have sweet dreams tonight! LOL

  8. I enjoy your blog so much that I know I would enjoy your throwing the computer against the wall or out the window!

    I LOVE any and all versions of Pride and Prejudice. I love the Greer Garson version and the BBC one with Colin Firth AND Keira Knightley and I love the book! I'm like you, I can't not watch them. They're addictive, kind of like Frank Capra's movies: I have to watch them.

  9. Oh, Beth, God doesn't want you to sound like Jane or anyone else. He wants your own unique voice to be heard, because there are people out there who will never read Jane Austen. You be the best Beth you can be and He will honor your writing.
    And your little guy is adorable! You did well!

  10. Adorable indeed. Top THAT, Hemingway!


  11. Regina - thanks for the props!
    Jeanette - people who will never read Austen? Sacrilege! :D Thank you for your kind words...about me, and my little man!
    Carrie - that one had me laughing out loud!