Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I Can Feel It, Coming in the Air Tonight...

...oh Lo-ord. 

Okay, so my Dad LOVED Phil Collins, sue me (or sue-sue-suedio me!).

SO...I was outside tonight, and there was an actual briskness to the air, and, brace yourself, I had to get a SWEATER! 

AND!!! My husband just commented to me that his feet are cold (we're in bed). This means we might need to break out THE DUVET!!! WOO HOO!!!

I just love, love, LOVE fall. 

It's all my favorite colors: reds, oranges, yellows, browns. It's all my favorite scents: pumpkin pie, cinnamon, apples, and cloves.

I'm also extraordinarily giddy, because I got A LOT of writing done today, and I think I've finally hit my stride with this novel! I've come up with and stuck to a schedule that is really working for me, and I love it! 

Things I'm looking forward to in September: Cody and Tyler starting back to preschool, my 10 year high school reunion, and my Mom's birthday!

What are you looking forward to? Does your mood affect your writing? Do you "feel it" some days, and not others? Or are you more mechanical and business-like about it?


  1. I LOVED Phil Collins when I was a kid. Seriously. I had a cassette tape of all his songs.

    Fall is lovely. The leaves are already starting to change here. We're already seeing evidence of the TRUE COLORS of fall. See? I can do it too :D

    Okay, enough Phil Collins. I'm glad to hear you're hitting your stride with your novel and you have found a schedule. It's so exhilarating to see progress on your WIP, isn't it?

    My mood sometimes affects my writing and there are definitely days where I'm "feeling it". But even on the days that I'm not, I try to at least think about my novel and keep it fresh in my mind.

  2. I'm looking forward to starting a new novel that I just had the idea for today. I think it's a keeper, but we'll see as the writing progresses. It could end up being a real stinker. :)

  3. I'm looking forward to the routine of fall, getting back to school, and mostly getting back into writing a novel. I've had the summer off and I'm SO ready to start the actual writing again! And I love fall weather and colors too!

  4. Yes to feeling it some days and not others. I love reading what I've written on the days I've felt it.
    As a side, cinnamon has always been a very difficult word for me to spell. Thought you needed to know that. :D
    ~ Wendy

  5. I do feel it more on some days than others. On my "Not Feeling It Days" I usually try to write my non-fiction articles and put fiction on hold until I'm feeling it. My favorite months (September-January) are upon us so I tend to "feel it" a lot during this time. Generally I stick to my schedule and if I can't write, I'll at least do research.

  6. Cindy - I'm glad I'm not the only one who grew up listening to him :) True Colors - snort! :D Thanks for the kind words...and yes, I'm TOTALLY exhilarated!
    Susan - LOVE that feeling of a new's like a new boyfriend, or new baby, SO exciting. Here's hoping it doesn't stink! ;P
    Jody - I'm glad you're back in the game! And yes, fall has a routine-ish air about it, doesn't it?
    Wendy - I love reading the "feelin' it" material as well. And, cardamom has always been tricky for me! What is it with the spices???
    Regina - thank you for stopping by! That's a great idea, to do the non-fiction stuff when you're feeling less inspired. I can usually make it through Christmas, but once January hits, I get the winter blues...makes the writing difficult for me!

    Thanks for the comments ladies!!! I look up to all of you as writers, and I appreciate your feedback SO VERY MUCH!

  7. Congratulations on hitting a good stride with your novel. What a blessing that is.

    I love fall as well it is wonderful and invigorating.

    Have a great day,
    Diane J.

  8. I definitely write more during the fall months. The cooler temperatures, tastes, and smells, all seem to naturally lend themselves to charachter and plot development.

    Oh yeah, and the 45 minute wait for the Apple Crisp to come out of the oven is a good opportunity for keyboard time.

  9. I love Phil Collins! And I love your blog. :)