Thursday, September 10, 2009

Love It/Hate It

Love It:

- This Prius makes me smile.
- My new haircolor - it's finally a normal color like this, which is nice, since I'm used to walking around looking like this.
- This song by One Republic. I CANNOT stop listening to it.

Hate It:
- That the second toe on my right foot decided it didn't need a toenail today. Ouch.
- That my dishwasher makes that low "mooing" sound JUST like my breast pump used to...only LOUDER.
- It's Fantasy Football further explanation needed (can I get an amen ladies?).

What are you loving or hating?


  1. But seriously ~ who doesn't love calico? lol. That was so hilarious and unexpected!!! Right now, I'm loving my view out my window that my desk sits in front man cleaning my vehicle. Freeing long lost french fries and chicken nuggets from their doom of the black Expee. So in love with that man. :) I'm despising the gnats that have taken residence in my kitchen....any solutions? Tried the Vinegar trick. Tried the bleach. Nothing works.

  2. I love that prius commercial too, but not as much as my broccoli.

  3. I laughed out loud at the second hair picture! Then hubby had to see too because he wanted to know what was so funny. I love that One Republic song, too! It's been on my MP3 player for months and I used it in a playlist for one of my books.

    Hey, Little Olives--I'm hating those gnats, too. There's one that keeps flying around my computer and trying to attack my eyes. Ugh.

    What am I loving? That tomorrow is Friday and almost the only thing I have planned is writing and reading :)

  4. I'm loving that I finished another chapter. I'm hating that it is crap! I couldn't let you have a post without a toilet reference, right?

  5. I'm loving that I get to go to a writer's conference next weekend! My first ever! So I'm totally excited!

  6. Another great band! Although they'd slipped my mind. The reintroduction is nice. :)

    I love our weekend plans, to travel for a reunion.

    I hate -- maybe dislike is better -- that my ears seem to have stopped up for no reason.

  7. Goodness, I know nearly every one here! ^^ *waves*

  8. Amen on the football and I'm going to listen to that song.
    Loving that I received a very funny email from an agent last night.
    ~ Wendy

  9. Amen!!

    Hate: my attitude lately. And the devil. I underestimate him a lot.

    Love: God and your blog! :)

  10. Jess - God bless that man of yours! :) I have NO CLUE how to get rid of those gnats...and yes, they are INCREDIBLY annoying!
    Anonymous - I know who you are and I know where you live! ;P
    Cindy - Glad I could give you and the hubs a laugh! Hope you got lots of writing and reading done!
    Susan - Awesome, keep it up...and thank you for the reference, I'm one step closer to meeting my poop quota for the month now! :P
    Jody - I am TOTALLY jealous...I hope that you have an amazing and productive time!
    Jana - hope you have a lovely time at your family fun! And I do hope your ears start cooperating :)
    Wendy - I'm intrigued about this email?? Was it something funny he/she said or a funny forward??
    Katie - I hate the devil too - but greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world! And thank you, I love your blog too!

  11. funny the second pic with the cat...funny stuff and note your hair has never looked that bad =)....I am loving that I had a fun day Sat with my fam and me and the hubby got along great and even had a date night Sat..whoop whoop =) Hating that people like Kanye West are such morons! Poor Taylor Swift!