Friday, June 26, 2009

The Little Engine That Couldn't

I'm tired...and cranky. 

I had a To Do list to accomplish today. 
- clean up house/mop/vacuum (this could very well take up half of my day)
- finish laundry (this could very well take up the other half)
- wash dog (who thinks it's fun to chase the cute bunny rabbits up the hill in our backyard and through the grass and dirt, and then roll around on the ground in what I can only assume is the cute bunny's poop, so as to mask the fact that she is a dog and properly "hunt" the cute bunny rabbits)
- run and get small toiletries for trip to California 
- try to fit in a pedicure so that people will know it's a human's feet they are looking at and not, in fact, an elephant's

However, the only To Do that I seem to be To Doing is sitting on my hind region all morning. 

My 4 year old, Cody, had a rough night sleeping last night. He wet his bed (which he hasn't done in a while...and he did it TWICE!) and then came to sleep in his sleeping bag on the floor in our room. Pair that with my thank-the-dear-Lord-he's-so-cute husband's snoring, and it makes for a difficult night's sleep. All the motivation I had yesterday (when I was making the To Do list) is now struggling to get up steam. 

My only saving grace is that the cute husband took the equally cute bed-wetter out, so I only have to deal with the adorable tornado that is my 2 year old, Tyler. He's quietly watching cartoons while he eats his lunch, so I'd better get off this blog and make the most of this time.

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. 


  1. It's definitely hard to operate on a less than full tank, isn't it? Hope you can at least get the most important things done!

  2. Whoo Whoo! Go for the pedicure. Once you've had that little breather and you feel nice, tasks seem a (wee bit) less inundating. Do your tasks barefoot so you can take a peek and bring a smile to the rest of your day.

    Sending prayers for nice evening of sound sleep.

  3. That's a lot to do in one day...kudos to you!