Friday, January 21, 2011

There's Another Mean Girl, And Her Name Is Twitter

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter then you already know that I received a rather alarming suggestion a few days ago. If you don't, then I'll give you a recap. Apparently, Twitter thinks I need to lose weight:

See that first suggestion? When I saw it I almost dropped my doughnut apple. Twitter thinks I need to follow Weight Watchers?! When did you get so judgy, Twitter? Why can't you just "like" me and ask me if I want to be friends with people like Facebook does?

I don't do diets - never have, never will. Don't tell me NOT to eat a certain something, because I inevitably will...a lot of it. I'm a rule breaker, remember? But exercise? Exercise I can do. So I decided to take a spin class because I'm a masochist it seemed like the cool thing to do.

"What'd you do today, Beth?"
"Oh, me? I went to spin class. I spin now. Yep, I'm a spinner."

In all honesty, I did the spin class because I enjoy being yelled at directed when I'm working out, and since I can't justify spending the money on a personal trainer, I found the first class available and went in.

The first thing I noticed was that the class was being led by a woman who, I kid you not, looks like Halle Berry on steroids: she is gorgeous and TOTALLY ripped. Gorgeous + totally ripped = I'll have what she's having. Second, WHO IN THE WORLD designs these bike seats? Could they not just add a little more padding so that we're sitting on an actual seat rather than something that looks like the Batmobile? Think I'm kidding?

My hilarious friend, Angie, suggested that I buy some of those spandex pants with the padded butt that they make specifically for cyclists, and I agree that in theory that that would make my spin experience far less painful. However, it would also make my butt look even bigger! I mean, what would Twitter say?

Despite hobbling out of that first class with Gumby legs, I really enjoyed it and am planning to do it more. Maybe then Twitter will suggest I follow @herehaveatwinkie or @youshouldreallyeatsomething. (I made those up, they are not actual Twitter accounts!)

Happy Weekend, everyone.

*Bike Seat and Batmobile Photos Courtesy of Google Images


  1. I went to a spin class once with my wife... You're right, those seats are awful. I think Dante had the murderers or rapists sitting on them in one of his circles from The Inferno.

    (Random thought: You are one of my favorite bloggers to use the strike-through feature. Just wanted to mention that because it almost always makes me laugh...)

  2. J.M. - Ahh, yes, the "bike seat" circle of hell. I think it's right between the "first piano recital" circle and the "jury duty" circle. And thank you for the compliment ;)

  3. I've never tried a spin class, maybe that will help me lose my pregnant pouch:) I don't want the new mean girl to call me out!

  4. The suggestions from social networking sites are hard to take with a grain of salt sometimes ... I took down my status as "single" when I was getting inundated with dating sites.

    And spinning is fun :-)

  5. Tamika - I have the pouch too (although, mine is unjustifiable since my "baby" is almost 4)! Let me know if you try it!

    KLo - Thanks for the comment! Ugh - why do they have to target us like that? I'm not sure I would qualify spinning as "fun" just yet, but here's hoping that I will! *fingers crossed* :)

  6. ha ha you make me laugh, I'll have a talk with twitter for you, being on that thing you have all called a seat is enough punishment for eating that apple you have.
    I hope if I follow you on twitter it wont hand me over to the weight police cos I am on their most wanted list.

  7. So funny, Beth! I don't do diets either. As soon as something becomes off limits, it's like I start craving it 24/7. Maybe I should try dieting from brocoli!

  8. Hilarious! And you would not believe how many wig stores I have following me. Wigs? Really? Hm. I don't even want to know!

  9. This was so cute! Sounds like my life. :)

  10. The Batmobile/bike seat comparison is hilarious. I've been on a spin bike. Ouchy ouch. Oh, and don't listen to me. I wouldn't be caught dead (or eating a doughnut) wearing those puffy bottom pants. Happy weekend!

  11. You are too funny!!

    "looks like Halle Berry on steroids: she is gorgeous and TOTALLY ripped. Gorgeous + totally ripped = I'll have what she's having"

    I take spin and I'm tempted to get one of those cushy bicycle seat covers you can put on them.

  12. LOL So I learned something new-- so many bikers around here and I didn't know they wore padded pants. I'll stop feeling sorry for them:)

  13. lol you are so funny! I haven't been to the gym in years. It's like PE class only you volunteer, right? I run at the park. Does that count?

  14. Jo - Thanks for having my back(side) ;)
    Katie - And I shall swear off of spinach!
    Jill - Maybe they WANT your hair? It is lovely, after all.
    Carolyn - Glad I'm not alone! Thanks for the comment :)
    Angie - LOL!
    Jennifer - I didn't think of that! What a good idea!
    Terri - Yep, no more feeling bad for them, they are padded in all the right places.
    T. Anne - So funny! I so wish I could be a runner, but I don't have the shins for it (too many stress fractures from high school sports!). It would be so much easier on my butt!

    You guys are awesome, thank you for all the great comments!