Monday, January 24, 2011

Mad Men...Crazy Women

The hubby and I have been watching Mad Men on DVD over the last couple of weeks (it all started with Atlanta's spectacular snow debacle, which kept us inside for a week straight), and we are completely hooked. The writing for this show is spectacular, and I absolutely love seeing what life was like in the '60's.

Everything seemed so glamourous back then: the smoking and cocktails and wearing of gloves and pearls. I actually laughed out loud last night as the daughter of Don Draper (the main character played by the delicious perfectly adequate Jon Hamm), who couldn't be more than 8 years old, played bartender for her parents. I can't imagine asking my son to pour me a glass of wine (I wouldn't), but I do like the idea of my children CATERING TO ME for a change! And of course, women are treated like property instead of actual people (putting up with cheating husbands and practically raising their children alone), but I do like that it was more acceptable for a woman to have some meat on her bones. Hooray for curves!!!

What do you envy about days gone by? Is there a particular era you would've liked to have lived in?

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  1. Hmmm... I think the 50's would be a cool era to live in...everything seemed so happy and simple back then.

    AND, my 3-year-old is up at all hours of the night, too. She just started doing it but it's driving me crazy... she keeps getting up and coming into my room for water/to go potty/to snuggle/to talk about the dog/she wants to change her pajamas. I'm going INSANE. I have no idea what to do. My 5-year-old never did this!

  2. I'd totally wear curtains for a date with Rhett Butler. Just sayin.

  3. Hello! Just stumbled upon your blog and have signed up to stay. :)

    I haven't watched Mad Men yet but I should as I know I'll love it. I'm a big fan of social history and anything retro; in fact my favourite 'modern' programme is The Antiques Roadshow - says something about me, doesn't it?! What era... well I think I am happiest in my own era, but if I could go back for a day or two I'd pop back all the time! All of it fascinates me to be honest. :)

  4. Erin - I agree, much simpler times. And I am so sorry about your daughter being up, and for the EXACT same reasons as my son! I have a 5 year old too! So funny!
    Angie - TOTALLY. Although, I'm more of a James Dean girl ;)
    Jayne - so glad you stopped by and am glad you've decided to stay! If you love retro you will ABSOLUTELY love Mad Men. Do rent it when you have some time! And I agree, I would love to pop back and forth between our time and times gone by.

  5. I always thought I'd make a mighty fine pioneer. But then I remember my period and scratch that thought.

    I have this crazy picture of me as a six-year-old sipping out of a wine glass. We lived in Germany. Still...wackadoo!

    ~ Wendy

  6. I've always wanted to live in the early 1900's. I'm not sure why.

  7. I think I would have loved to have been older in the 60s and been part of the women's lib movement:) Ok, maybe not wholeheartedly but some. But I also love the idea of wearing long gowns back in the late 1800s.

  8. Wendy - you would've totally made a great pioneer. I can totally see you out in the field tending the garden and watching the birds! P.S. Could you please write an autobiography?
    Susan - before or after prohibition? Just curious ;P
    Terri - YES! That is my only complaint about Mad Men - my husband laughs at me because I get so irate. Like, "Don't let him push you around like that!" I like the idea of gowns in the 1800's, too, until I think of what they had to wear under them, then not so much :)

  9. I wouldn't mind living in the 1600s. Then again, the corsets would probably bug me.

  10. I'd like to keep the gentlemanly gestures--when men treated women as something special--but not let go of the equality!