Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The View From Where I Sit

We all write in different places and on different types of computers (or maybe you prefer to use paper and pen?). I thought I'd share the place where I do the majority of my writing: my kitchen table. Occasionally, I will get out of my house and write at Starbucks, Barnes and Noble, or the library. Most of the time, though, I'm sitting right here, surrounded by laundry and toys to be picked up (hopefully with a large caffeinated beverage and flowers from my sweet hubby to get me through it). 

I used to say, "I can't write at home, it's just too distracting." Then I realized that I was using that excuse as a crutch. Many of us don't have the luxury of being alone and undistracted while we write. Maybe you're a mom like me, constantly interrupted by questions from your children (or distracted by the mere thought of your children: What is he doing right now? I hope he ate a good lunch today. I hope he's not getting into trouble. Did I remember to sign that form?). Maybe you're like me in that sometimes there just isn't enough time to get in the car and drive to one of those places and write for hours. Groceries have to be bought, children have to be dropped off/picked up, doctors have to be seen (Click here for some great tips from author Jody Hedlund on how busy moms can make more writing time).

But the truth is, you have to just DO IT. Writing takes discipline. It takes passion. It takes determination. Put your butt in the chair and WRITE, even if it's just thirty minutes a day, like exercise! Exercise for your craft! Allow yourself the luxury of putting down the laundry, it'll still be there when you get back (though don't neglect it for too long, otherwise you might be faced with a situation like this). If I can do it, so can you.

What's the view like from where YOU sit? Do you get easily distracted when you write at home? What distracts you?


  1. My view is pretty good, I have to say. I have hours alone here that I can focus--except for the phone now and then:)

  2. I don't have kids at home, so my distraction is usually me. I need to do laundry, clean, let the dog out, errands. My view is okay, not great, but I'm used to it.

  3. I write a lot at the kitchen table too. I also write a lot in my car waiting for kids at different things. Everything distracts me. It helps if I where headphones and listen to music, but I don't always have that luxury.

  4. I love my view! I talked about distraction a bit too today.

    Today, nothing is detering me from my manuscript, it feels good to completely immerse myself into the rhythm of writing.

  5. My view right now is a pile of papers that need to be shredded. It's very distracting, yet I've managed to ignore it for the better part of a year. One of these days, I'll get to it. Anyways, this post was great for me. No matter what our distractions are, we have to push through them and, like you said, put our butts in the chair and write.