Sunday, October 4, 2009

I think I at least deserve a t-shirt

I survived the weekend!!! And I owe much of that success to my sweet husband who allowed me to stay in bed and rest ALL DAY on Saturday to nurse a sinus headache SO BAD that I thought my eyes were going to jump out of their sockets.

Although, after lounging around most of the weekend trying to get better, I ignored something VERY. VERY. IMPORTANT.
Here's a bird's eye view for you.

And here's a measurement.

That's right...18 inches. That's a foot and a half of laundry! And it's probably about four feet wide. Ugh.

I have to say, that's even AFTER that sweet of husband of mine did this.

I like to imagine that the lost socks in my dryer evolve into shirts, shorts, and underwear. That's the only logical explanation for the excess of laundry. That, or the fact that I LOATHE laundry...yep, maybe that's a better reason.

So, if you need me, I'll just be drowning somewhere in that mound of clothes.


  1. Yep, that's about how my laundry looks - before and after.

  2. Thank God I am not alone!

    Blessings to you...

  3. Me, too. But I'm NOT giving you measurements. ;)

  4. That cracks me up that you measured your dirty laundry! Laundry day here is tomorrow, ugh. I'm predicting half a dozen loads because it's Sheet Day, too.

    I'm so glad you're feeling better. Sinus headaches are the pits!

  5. I'm doing laundry right now, so you just gave me the extra oomph I needed to get through it! And I'm sorry about your poor head. Feeling better?

  6. Sometimes my laundry piles up like that, so I just dump it on my bed, and no one can sleep in it until it's all put away.

  7. Hi Beth, hopped over from Janna's blog.

    I think you're right, clothes do evolve into other things when dirty. Just like hangers multiply in the closet, 'cause they are always tangled when empty. TeeHee....


  8. Oh, I hear you! With five kids my laundry is never done! Watch out when we have sheets and towels added to the mix!

    Hope you're feeling better!

  9. Ugh! That is NO fun! Laundry, laundry, go away, please come back another day.

  10. How much do I love that you measured the clothes?!!! You make me feel better b/c I thought my three loads today was bad. :D
    Happy folding, friend.
    ~ Wendy

  11. I have so been there. At least it will be done tomorrow (until next week).

  12. Heather - good, I was beginning to feel a little self-conscious :)
    Tamika - Indeed, you are not!
    Janna - COME ON...gimme some measurements!
    Cindy - I was just in one of those scientific moods ;) Good luck tomorrow!
    Jill - Glad I could help. And I'm feeling MUCH better, thank you for asking!
    Jessie - As long as you pile it on your husband's side ;)
    Karen - Thank you for coming by! And YES! JUST LIKE HANGERS...AHHH!
    Jody - SERIOUSLY...I don't know HOW you do it all. I'd have to be committed.
    Katie - another day...or NOT AT ALL!
    Wendy - I just wanted everyone to have proof, so that I wasn't complaining about nothing...because I NEVER do that ;P
    Natalie - Ah, yes, the never ending cycle!

    Thanks for the comments all. I got through about half of that's progress. Hopefully, tomorrow I'll get the rest done! :) For now, I'm off to read a bit and go to bed! xoxo

  13. What a great husband! I'm glad you are blessed with someone like that.

    I don't like doing laundry too much either. I do it out of necessity when I run out of the certain items that I absolutely need ... sad, I know.

  14. I have a plaque on my laundry room door that says "Is there life after laundry?" It's so appropriate!

    I hope that sinus thing doesn't resurface in the face of all the dryer lint! Here's to an empty basket!

  15. I also hate doing the laundry. I have to do some later. Blah.

  16. I loathe laundry as well. I'd be scared to measure my pile right now. :)

  17. There's only three of us in my household yet my laundry pile is downright SCARY, too.

    Glad you could get some rest!

  18. I usually pile it on the bed, then throw it on the floor when we go to bed, and in the morning put it back. Once in a while it skips the bed and gets folded, but that's very rare.