Monday, July 20, 2009

Pass the Screwdriver Please...

I'd like to drill a hole in my head with it. 

So the funk has returned to this household, and no one - NO NOT ONE - made it out unscathed. The kids started with fevers on our way back from Orlando last Wednesday. I thought maybe they just picked up a little virus from Disney World, a.k.a. Germ World, that would pass in a day or two. 

No such luck.

First the kids had the sneezing, itchy eyes, sore throat, pounding headache, body aches, etc. Now we - the parents - have it. As of yesterday, I was pretty sure neither myself, nor my husband would survive the day (either succumbing to the sickness or killing each other), but here I am! Hooray! Watch, I'll do a cartwheel! Oh crap, I just got snot on my shirt. Oh well, we'll just toss that into the pile of dirty laundry that's been sitting in the corner of the room sneering at me for almost a week. 

The poor hubby is - at this very moment - laying in bed and trying to recover. I felt that way yesterday, so I'm not surprised in the least. At least today I'm coherent and able to get a few things done (dishes, pick up a few toys, feed the dog, the bare minimum to survive). However, the Part 2 edition of our vacation will have to wait until I'm able to look at the computer for longer than 5 minutes without my head spinning. Oh, and successfully resist the urge to cry inconsolably at how badly I miss my parents and how much I wish they hadn't gone back to Florida.


  1. Sending thoughts for a better day tomorrow. That stinks that all of you got sick.

    Get better soon.

  2. Come collect your award on my blog today. I like how you scribble! :D
    ~ Wendy