Friday, July 17, 2009

Making Up For Lost Time Part 1

I'm finally back, and (somewhat) recovered from vacation(s)...if only I had a vacation to FULLY recover from my vacation(s). Okay, I sound like a completely spoiled brat.

So here's Part 1: CALIFORNIA

Like I said before, California was a-mazing! My adorable, tech-geek husband - as evidenced by the photo below at the Mecca of all geekdom - had a training conference in Anaheim. 

Being the opportunistic wife that I am (ahem), I saw my chance to get a kid-free vacation out of it. I called in the reinforcements (a.k.a. Grammy Carol and Pop-Pop Stan) to watch the kiddos for the week, and away we went. 

Mike obviously had conference responsibilities, so in those moments I took the chance to soak up some sun (every day was PERFECT WEATHER!) and read a few books. When he wasn't in training sessions, we explored California, and I have to say again, I LOVED IT ALL. Well, all but the traffic.

We were staying in Anaheim, so we thought we ought to pay homage to the one and only, Mickey Mouse. We visited Disneyland and California Adventureland. You must know, dear reader, that I adore all things Disney, so it would have been sacrilege NOT to go to Disneyland. Although, it was totally weird without the kids, and I found myself teary-eyed on more than one occasion at how badly it made me miss them. Despite that, we had SO. MUCH. FUN.

I got to meet Handy Manny (Cody's favorite) ,

and Mike took a picture with Lightning McQueen (Tyler's favorite) .


What made it even more fun was that my precious cousin, David, and his even more precious girlfriend, Julie, were able to join us one day for the fun. 

Couldn't you just eat them up?!

We were also able to visit Venice Beach and the Santa Monica Pier. I've never seen a beach where there are mountains in the backdrop! And I've never been on a beach where I've actually said, "Gosh, I wish I'd brought a jacket. I'm cold!" What the ???

My favorite day, had to be when we got in our little rental car and drove to Beverly Hills (Rodeo Drive, baby! Any Pretty Woman fans out there?!), Hollywood Boulevard, and the Sunset Strip. 

Who's a crazy tourist? Um, that'd be me.

Who's a celebrity junkie? Uh, that'd be me again (touching Mr. Brad Pitt's hands, thank you very much).

That sign actually says Via Rodeo, but we were taking our own pictures, so it got cut off.

On a sadder note, we were actually there just after Michael Jackson's death, so we were able to see his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame piled high with flowers and memorial tributes.

Our last night in California we stayed with my sweet cousin Susi (and her awesome hubby Jona), who God bless her, is newly pregnant and has been SO SICK. Nonetheless, she mustered up the strength to get dinner with us AND hang out that night. She's a trouper. Love you, Sus! xoxo

So that about wraps up the California trip. I said it before, and I'll say it again...PEOPLE WITH CHILDREN: If you have ANY chance to get away without your kids for a couple of nights...DO IT. My hubby and I had so much fun (LOVE YOU BABE), and I'm so grateful to my parents for watching my babies, which in turn allowed me to have a STRESS FREE vacation.

Part 2: Orlando....COMING SOON


  1. Looks like you had an absolute blast! Looking forward to part 2 even though I'm green with envy!

  2. What fun! I look forward to making up for lost time when my kiddos are a little older. Nice blog!