Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Making Up For Lost Time Part 2

Commence Part 2: Orlando

So today I can actually look at the computer screen without my eyeballs screaming in protest. I'd like to take this opportunity to say, this cold WILL NOT go away. Mike and I keep saying to each other, "We'll feel better tomorrow, right?" "Riiiight. You just keep telling yourselves that," say the nasty little germs that have wreaked havoc on our bodies. 


Except, we didn't go there. We went to Sea World instead. 

That's right folks...I was in the vicinity of THE MOUSE and did not step ONE FOOT into The Magic Kingdom. I know...I was shocked too. This was a first for me. I've never visited Orlando without going to Disney World. We shopped around Downtown Disney, but if you're a Disney addict like me, you know that's like giving me a Diet Coke when I SPECIFICALLY SAID I WANTED A REGULAR COKE.

Cody had been to Sea World when he was about 4 months old, so he was too young to remember any of it. This time around, he absolutely LOVED it. Both he and Tyler fed stingrays, touched dolphins, saw Shamu (a favorite for sure), and plenty of other sea creatures. Here's a smattering of photos of our trip - Mike took mostly video, and until I can figure out a good way to upload it here, the pictures will just have to do.

This is Cody, with all of his bounty from playing the booth games. Actually, Mike and my dad won half of it for him. Funny story, my dad was intent on winning Cody an enormous stuffed animal, so he finds the one game he KNOWS he can win. Apparently those "pound the groundhog/frog/whatever animal it might be in the hole" games are NO MATCH for my father. So in his superior fashion, he won, and made the 5 year old kid who was playing against him cry. To top it off he gave a big fist pump in the air. If you've ever seen Billy Madison, all I could think of was the big bully kid that goes, "O'Doyle RULES". Way to go, Dad...hee hee.

Cody and Tyler at The World of Disney Store in Downtown Disney (which was the closest they got to anything Mickey Mouse related this trip) with a Dalmatian.

Cody (center), with his buddies Logan Taylor (left) and Reed Chandley (right) at Sea World.

Cody, Tyler, and Mike feeding the stingrays at Sea World. 

My parents, the boys, and myself at Downtown Disney (Mike was the photographer - and didn't he do a great job!;p).

The trip was a lot of fun...which is good, because it gave us something awesome to remember when we all came home and became deathly ill :P

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