Monday, March 30, 2009


It's me vs. every closet in my house.

Our neighborhood garage sale is coming up in May, so I'm desperately trying to sort through all the crap that has accumulated in my closets. This past weekend, I tackled the boys' closets. I'm still here, which is a good sign.

Today, I'm attempting my own closet, and I gotta ain't looking so good. I have to admit that several months ago, my dear friend Kim came over and helped me organize my closet and bedroom (she does this for a living - professional organizing - and if you're in the metro Atlanta area and need someone to organize you, feel free to let me know and I'll get you her info...she's amazing). I kept it clean and straight for a while, but then it all went to pot again.

You see, I like to try and keep a clutter-free home. When I walk through my front door, it stresses me out to see stuff everywhere. This necessitates me throwing things in my closet from time to time, since that is the one room in my house I'm fairly certain no one will visit.

I also hate laundry. I usually manage to get it washed, dried, and folded. Putting it away...well, that's another story. I barely manage to haul it upstairs before I throw it on the shelves in my closet (this goes along with the not liking clutter part - when I walk in my bedroom, I don't want to see clothes on the dresser or the bed). Needless to say, my closet is filled with crap and clothes.

I got a crack on it this morning. Mike's side of the closet is nice and tidy now. Mine, however, well...I'm there's your answer. I'm exhausted. I'm trying to muster the strength to get in there and get to it again. Maybe I will, or maybe I won't. My inspiration and motivation come in waves. I'm thinking it's going to take a tsunami to get me back in there :)

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