Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Happiest Place on Earth

We recently returned from vacationing in Florida, and I have only NOW caught up on my cleaning and laundry, (and though I'm embarassed to admit it, my DVR'd tv shows!) which is why I haven't posted in a very LONG time!

Mike's school (he's a teacher in case I have any readers who don't actually know me, which is probably not possible!) just had their Spring Break, so we decided to take a trip down to Florida and visit our families. I went down a week early to catch up with my family, and to see my best friend AD's new baby, Charleigh (see previous post), who is by far the cutest baby girl I've seen in a long time! Mike drove down to meet us in Orlando, where we spent three days in fantastic weather with his family, including his brother and his wife, and their little girl Haley. Cody had a blast playing with Haley...he definitely wants to have a little sister, even though he loves his little brother, Tyler (whether we will give him one is yet to be determined...hee hee).

We did Magic Kingdom for a day and Cody got to meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse and his new favorite, Pinnochio (my mom bought him the movie, so he was super excited to see him). Tyler latched on to Minnie Mouse during the photo op and would not let go of her! I think he had a little crush. We rode Peter Pan, Winnie the Pooh, Dumbo, and It's a Small World (which Cody has yet to stop singing to us). The best part of the day was the Spectromagic parade at the end of the night. I'm not sure who enjoyed it more, my boys or me! I love the parade (and Mike can vouch for the fact that I threaten his life whenever he says we should skip it). It reminds me of my own childhood trips to the Magic Kingdom. We had an amazing time, even with Mike on his motorized scooter (still recovering from knee surgery and all!), which was absolutely hilarious to me. 

The following day we spent at his brother's hotel (he stayed at a Disney resort) where we played in the pool. Their hotel had a kid friendly water play area that was a huge pirate ship with slides and water shooting out everywhere. Cody loved it...Tyler, not so much. He pretty much just ran in circles around the pirate ship never getting more than 3 feet close to it. Apparently, he doesn't like water being sprayed at him from all angles...and I really can't blame him. We also visited the Downtown Disney Marketplace that evening and were able to see the space shuttle launch from there...and it was awesome. Cody thought it was so cool that he got to see a real rocket flying into space (although I did have to explain to him that it was not, in fact, the Little Einsteins). I was suprised at how long the sky stayed orange after it had already left the atmosphere.

We left the next day to return to my parents for one more day and then flew back to Atlanta (to gorgeous weather, thank the Lord!)

All in all, it was a great trip!

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