Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Confession Time

I feel the need to confess some stuff...you know, air some of my own dirty laundry.  Feel free to commiserate, or hold me accountable :)

1) I have been complaining WAY too much lately. I think as a mom we sometimes get into ruts, groundhog days, whatever you want to call them. Instead of making the best of each trying situation, I've found that instead I've just been really vocal about my dissatisfaction.

2) I've been way too lenient with my almost-four-year-old, Cody. He has been giving me some serious attitude lately. Most of the time I correct it, but since Mike's knee surgery, I think most of my energies are spent just getting him (and myself, Mike and Tyler, too) fed, dressed, and out the door to wherever it is we need to go. All that to say, I haven't put much energy into spiritual development. People tell me that he's just asserting his independence, that it's a stage he'll grow out of...but I'm beginning to wonder. I definitely feel the need to tighten up the ship. No more sparing the rod...ya know? I want him to reap good fruit one day, so I need to sow the seeds of good discipline now, right?

3) I'm totally a space cadet when it comes to money and bills. Mike's been telling me this for years, because he does all of our bill keeping (I think when you're not the one earning the money it's easier not to think about how you spend it). I don't mean that I just spend spend spend with no thought; I don't believe that I'm frivolous in that way. I just don't know where my/our money goes. I'm bad about receipts, and could probably spend Mike's entire paycheck at the grocery store (I just love that place). Our small group has been doing a bible study that has totally opened my eyes to this fact. Something to work on as well.

4) I think I have a lot of patience with complete strangers, but have a hard time extending that same patience to my own family. Why is that?

Ok, I think that might be enough for now. We all have our struggles...you just got a peek at mine. The joy I have in all this is knowing that God loves me anyway, and that there's nothing I can do to separate myself from his unfailing love. Thank you, Lord!

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