Friday, July 23, 2010

What's Creepier than Creepy?

Did you ever play that game in school? What's Grosser than Gross? Welcome to What's Creepier than Creepy? 

So the hubs and I have been kicking around the idea of expanding our family for a while now. Truth be told, our youngest son (we have two, 5 and 3) has been giving us a run for our money, so the idea of a third child has pretty much been kicked out the door as of late.

However, 'tis still a possibility...someday.

Should I have another child (or children, since I have the ever terrifying, yet realistic possibility of twins in my family), you can rest assured that I will NOT be registering for a set of these:

What's missing in this picture? Oh, that's right: ARMS. Yep, those are DISEMBODIED hands that snuggle your child, so that they can sleep. 

Except, in my sick and twisted mind, they're hands that ARE NOT MY OWN just waiting for me to leave the room so that they can STRANGLE MY BABY. Okay, maybe I watched too many episodes of The Addams Family growing up, but seriously? There's a market for these creepy things?

Happy Friday. I'm off to throw away every pair of gloves in my house.


  1. Those are definitely creepy, Beth!

    C'mon, Beth -- two kids is so normal... :o)

  2. Wow! I'm curious about who thought those up. In theory, they're a good idea. And then you see them...

    We've got two, as well. Thought we'd want a third, but like where we sit now. (They're 7 and 5--littlest's birthday is today!) I'm content.

  3. Not just creepy, but seeing as about every other baby product is recalled, your strangulation thought probably isn't too crazy. I mean, they say not to put pillows into cribs with an infant. I don't think disembodied hands are much different.

    I love your new blog design by the way.

  4. That is VERY creepy. I think they'd scare me every time I went to check on the baby! Yeah, my kiddos are growing up so fast, I am thinking if we want more we'd better think about it soon :)

  5. LOL I've never seen anything like that! I am always amazed too what is invented. Thanks for stopping by my blog:)) PS I think two kids are perfect! Speaking from the mom who stopped at one!

  6. I'm embarking on child #3! Now how is that for hilarious! I must have stepped outside my mind:)

  7. Yuk! Where in the world were those made? Oh, you'll know if #3 is right. Blessings***

  8. Ha!! Those are so odd!! Hope you decide on #3. ;) Love those babies!! love you!!

  9. Totally, totally creepy!! I'd be dreaming of Thing playing in the baby's room all the time! :)

    Glad you found my blog today - you've got a great place here!

  10. AHAHHHAHAAAHAHAHA! THAT is creepy --and simultaneously hysterical.