Friday, July 30, 2010

This is Why I Love the Internet

*Photos courtesy of Google Images. Canterbury Cathedral in England. This is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen in in person. The photo doesn't even do it justice!

Wondering why I chose those pics? Watch the video and you'll see :)

After yesterday's post, I was so grateful to read all of your encouraging and empathetic comments about how I was feeling. The more I thought on it, I realized that it's not just the writing life that causes me to feel insignificant at times. I feel it every once in a while about my parenting, my faith, my inability to do anything significant about things that seem so out of control (think natural disasters or child slavery). I think Wendy and Heather's comments really hit it on the head for me, so thanks girls!
And then, as I was attempting to pass on some of my newfound awareness and encouragement to a new blogger (check her out, Brooke at Bring About Art), I remembered something PROFOUND that I had the opportunity to see at a Women of Faith conference a few years back. Nicole Johnson does a skit called The Invisible Woman

I AM IN LOVE with this skit. I don't know why my brain couldn't recall this when I was feeling all melodramatic yesterday! If you have a few minutes, please go and watch it. If you've seen it before, WATCH IT AGAIN. I guarantee it will bless you again and again.

You are not invisible. You are not insignificant. You are TREASURED and you are LOVED by the God of the universe.

*I apologize to my male audience (all two of you ;P) for going all hormonal on you (but for the record, you are treasured and loved by God, too.). So to make up for it, watch this and tell me you didn't laugh. 


  1. Glad you're feeling better today, Beth. I've thought at times that it's our lives as writers that bring self-doubt and insignificance to light, but like you said above, it's definitely not just us as writers. Everyone feels those feelings in any walk of life. Thankfully, God uses those times to teach us to rely on Him, right?

  2. That video clip was just what I needed. Such a great reminder. "...the cure for my pride..." This invisibility feeling has cropped up on me a bit lately, it's nice to look at it from a different angle than I have.

  3. Aw, I'm glad things have turned around for you. But you know, I'm a firm believer in having down moments. I think they serve to clarify our perspective, and lead to rejuvenation--which is something everyone needs!

    Going to watch the video now...

  4. What a wonderful video. I know I never appreciated anything my mom did for me until I had a child of my own. I could see it then; the comforting, the reading of nursery tales, the picnic lunches, and the list goes on and on.

    In my older years I have been feeling "unseen" but God has given me an outlet with blogging and facebook that I never dreamed I would enjoy. I meet people I like and who like me. I help people and people help me. It is strange, but on the internet I feel "seen" more than anywhere else.

  5. Glad you're feeling better! Take care :)

  6. I LOVE those bolded words and I am glad you're feeling better. What an amazing journey writing is, right?

  7. I love the WOF!!! I stalk Sheila Walsh regulalry on twitter ;)

  8. Ah, you are not alone in feeling this way, friend!! Thanks for the reminder. It's always a good one to read/hear! Never even heard of this skit before!

  9. Wow, thanks for reminding me, Beth. Just this morning I was worrying over not measuring up when the Lord said, "You feel you must earn my grace. You KNOW you can't but your feelings win over your brain." I get sidetracked by my emotions, when I simply need to believe the truth that I am treasured and valuable, because I belong to Jesus.

    I hope your perspective stays sharp, my sister.

    Much love,

  10. I LOVE the Invisible Woman skit. We all need to be reminded too often...

    and I'm so glad I found your blog. Thanks for having such a great one!

  11. When do I ever ~not~ feel insignificant.

    Ironically, I'm in a short story anthology whose title is "Delusions of Insignificance."

    So I wrote up a story about a guy who was truly phenomenal, but didn't realize it.

    Focus on being great to those immediately around you. Nothing else matters, not really.

    - Eric