Thursday, October 1, 2009

Test Me Thursdays

I know what you're thinking. "She's already bucked her Mon-Wed-Fri schedule." One, you're right, and two, I will reiterate that this is MY blog, and I'll write if I want to (and possibly cry if I want to as well). ;)

Today's happenings were just too good (and by "good" I don't mean awesome, I mean too terrifying and juicy) not to share. 

My four year old, Cody, had a bit of a cough yesterday, but was otherwise a fully functioning preschooler. The cough proceeded to worsen throughout the day yesterday and into the night, and I believe my husband and I clocked a total of four hours of sleep due to the ungodly sounds coming from his bedroom as he tried to sleep between coughing fits. He eventually ended up in our bed on my side (I slept in our guest room downstairs) and proceeded to wet it, too. Awesome.

 This morning, I took Cody to the doctor and found out that he has the beginnings of pneumonia (YIPPPEEEE). The doctor was confident we caught it early enough to avoid any major drama. I breathed a sigh of relief that we caught it early, and that it's not the dreaded swine flu. With a prescription for an antibiotic and a breathing treatment in hand, we walked out of the office and got into the car. 

We drove to the pharmacy at our nearby grocery store to get our prescriptions, me asking specifically for them to add bubble gum flavoring to the antibiotic, because -- like most children -- my son "dislikes" taking medicine. We killed twenty minutes by getting a cookie in the bakery and saying hello to the live lobsters in the tank of the seafood section. We played "I Spy" until I wanted to gouge my little eyes out. The pharmacist took pity on me and filled my order in about 15 minutes instead of 20.

We got home and I managed to get both boys changed out of their doctor's office visit clothes (which I was convinced were full of swine flu germs) and into some fresh ones. I then pull out the new medications to give Cody his first doses. I open the antibiotic and suck some into the dispenser to give it to him. He immediately resists and runs away. I leave the bottle open on the table and chase after him. I think you know where this is going.

After very little coaxing, Cody takes his medicine and I proudly walk myself back into the kitchen, patting myself on the back for my medicine administering expertise. I hear Tyler, my two year old, say, "Mmmm, Mommy. Deeewishus." (That's "delicious" in toddler speak) "What's delicious, honey?" I ask, turning around to look at my son. Only then do I notice the pink around the lips and the HALF EMPTY BOTTLE OF ANTIBIOTIC in his chubby hands.

Panic. Shrieking. Running around like a crazy person trying to find the phone. 

I call my doctor's office immediately, thinking I've poisoned my child. They say it should be no big deal but to call poison control anyway. I do, and the woman at poison control tells me he should be just fine, but that he might have an upset tummy from it. I have orders to keep him fed and hydrated. 

Crisis averted.

So if you're wondering why I'm not posting for months on end after this post, it's because The Department of Children and Families has reported me and I've been taken off to jail. Don't worry, I'll get the hubby to post my mugshot...I know you'd want to see that.


  1. Oh, Beth! Sounds like you've had a trying day. I'm sending hugs your way. I'm glad your little one is doing well for the most part and that you caught his pneumonia early. Take lots of deep breaths and I'll keep your family in my prayers!

  2. Oh, my gosh! I would have a few more gray hairs on my head after that!
    Glad everything is settling. You definitely need a hot bath, a good book, and lots of prayers.
    Take care of yourself!

  3. Beth, Now that's what I call hitting the bottle. Sorry. I couldn't resist. Delicious! :D

    This one needs to go in a book!
    ~ Wendy

  4. Oh wow, I would have freaked out too. Totally sounds like something I would do. You don't even want to know aht I did this morning....department of family services, indeed. Honestly, I'm too embarassed to admit it.

  5. I've had to call poison control more times than I can count. The scariest one was when my son drank lighter fluid. Why he would do that I'll never know. I don't think anyone will come take your children away. Hope Cody feels better soon.

  6. That is scary, but now every mom that reads this post will make a mental note to not leave "delicious" antibiotics open on the counter. See? Many crises averted. Go you.

  7. Cindy - thanks for the hugs...breathing deep as I write :)
    Jennifer - a bath was had...and it really was glorious...thank you for the prayers!
    Patti - He seems to be a little better, although the nights are hard on him :(
    Wendy - thank you for making me laugh!
    Katie - no fair ;)
    Susan - Lighter fluid?! Wow...that would be scary. Thank you for the encouragement.
    Jessie - I sure hope I've helped someone out there!

    Thank you all for your empathy, sympathy, and awesomeness-athy (yeah, I totally just made up my own word). I hope you ladies have a lovely night filled with deeeewhishus dreams :)

  8. OH Beth!

    These things happen, really. Kids are just recipes for excitement.

    Keep being the wonderful Mom that you already are. Try not pulling out your hair though, I know you've thought about it.

    I'll keep you in prayer!

  9. My mom had to call poison control on me when I was a kid. I thought it would be clever to use an actual straw to dip into my bubbles and blow bubbles with it. On one such dip, I actually sucked in and swallowed a bunch of bubbles, and then instantaneously began throwing up all over the driveway. Fun memory.

    I am truly sorry about your challenging day. I'm glad your son is okay. Hope he feels better soon.