Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Desperately Seeking...Something!

While in the (painstaking, frustrating, and in the same breath GLORIOUS) process of writing my novel, I would like to find some writing jobs that might actually, oh, I don't know...PAY ME SOMETHING :) I've tried looking for freelance work on sites like Craigslist, but that seems to have gotten me nowhere fast.

I've thought about copywriting, writing for magazines that interest me, and entering some short story contests. (On that note, my bloggy friend Megan Rebekah did a blog about short stories today, which I found very helpful...maybe you will too.)

My question to you, dear writer readers, is: Do you write for fun, for money, or both? Those of you who write for money - can you share where/how you find those writing jobs? If any of you out there have any ideas on copywriting, magazine writing, or short stories, feel free to share your insights. 

*Hubby update: Getting stronger every day, and is back to work tomorrow (yikes!). Again, thank you for your prayers and well wishes!


  1. Wow, quick recovery! I hope you've seen his LAST back surgery!

    I just write for fun. Hopefully someday I can make a little money too :)

  2. Glad your hubbie is getting better.

    I write for both. The Christian Writer's Market Guide has all info regarding markets and what they are looking for. Also I check out websites...

    Blessings on that, I've only been paid a little and not consitently. Have you tried a local paper or newletter/mag?

  3. I write for fun now, but I hope to eventually be writing for money. I've looked on craigslist, too. I think most of the listings under writing are scams, but I don't know. I can't wait to hear what others have to say, because I have the same questions as you do.

  4. I have not gotten paid at this point, though that would be nice. The Intern blog once posted that she writes erotica shorts to sell to online publishers when she needs extra money, lol. Yeah, I know, I'm not so helpful. :)

  5. Your husband had back surgery? My husband did over 5 years ago before we wed, and now he is complaining about his back hurting him again. But will we go and see a doctor?! NO! So frustrating. Anyway, I guess I write for fun, but money would be nice.

  6. I meant will HE go see a doctor? He won't. Would I? Yes. But will he? No. Done venting.

  7. Beth,
    I write for both. I'm going to shoot you a longer email about places I think you might want to try out. I'll go on that you're talking about short stories and personal essays.
    ~ Wendy

  8. I've gone through spurts of looking for freelance jobs, too, and it really takes a huge amount of time and energy. Those I know who write freelance on any regular basis treat it like a full-time job.

    Since my focus is novel-writing, I just submit fiction to various markets (online or otherwise) occasionally, and sometimes there's money involved. You can check, a site that gathers market and pub information for short stories and flash fiction and the like. You can input your criteria (how long your piece is, whether you want to submit to paying markets, etc.) and they'll give you a list of who to submit to. Try it out! And good luck. :)

  9. PS. I've never searched for non-fiction submission guidelines, but they're probably on Duotrope, too, if that's what you were thinking.

  10. See, great minds think alike (and post alike!).

    Obviously, I haven't written any short stories but I'm intrigued by them. I'd like to finish the one I started and see if it would fit into any short story contests.

    If you're looking for freelance writing work, check out sites like - a couple years ago (over a summer when I was a teacher) I wrote some articles for one of the employer types there, and made a little extra money. Nothin big, but it's something.

  11. If you're just starting to freelance (on the side) aim for regional parenting magazines. They are fairly easy to break into (so I've heard, I just recently sent out my first submittal to one). The pay is smaller, but it's worth it for the clips and then you can resell to other regional parenting mags that aren't in the competing area of the one that bought the article first.

    I've heard about Demand Studios - I haven't tried them, but a gal says to get an EIN number with the state and then you won't have to use your SSN (it's for bookkeeping purposes).

    Oh my goodness, there was another site I heard about recently and it's just not coming to me, I'll keep trying to remember that one.

    You can find most magazine writer's guidelines online, just search Google for "XYZ magazine writer's guidelines."

    Don't forget to check with the Chicken Soup for the soul website and the Cup of Comfort website for anthologies they are working on and submit to those.

    Hmmm, I'll keep thinking. Have a good day,
    Diane J.

  12. One other thing: when you are writing for the RPMs (regional parenting mags) or any other magazine and need resources to answer questions for any article you are writing try HARO (Help a reporter out), I haven't tried them, but have heard great things about them. If you have some writing that has been published you can apply (it's free) to use Profnet (I've used them and have had some good luck) to find professionals for interviews or just to get information for a piece I'm working on.