Tuesday, August 19, 2008

When plans go awry

My fun trip to Florida to visit my new baby nephew in the midst of Tropical Storm Fay....

The Plan: 

- Get up at 6:00, shower, dress, finish packing toiletries, diaper bag, fun bag for the plane, food for the plane, juice for the plane, nanny for the plane (haha, IF ONLY!), try to leave no later than 7:00

- Get boys out of bed, dressed, hair brushed, fed, teeth brushed, shoes on, clean diapers, juice cups full

- Let dog out to pee before leaving for the day

- Keep an eye on airline website to be sure flight isn't cancelled at the last minute, because airline is not entirely reliable (go Spirit!)

- Try to get myself psyched up to go through the airport (check-in, security, the train, etc.) by myself with both kids and sit on a plane for 2 hours with a baby who has been trying to give up his morning nap!

What happened:

- Woke up at 6:30 sending myself into panic mode trying to get all of the above done

- Forgot to let poor dog out to go to the bathroom after being in her crate all night (she would've had to stay in the crate all day until Mike got home from work this afternoon!)

- Rushed out the door at 7:15am only to get to the highway and realize I wasn't going to make it to the airport due to HORRIBLE Atlanta traffic. It took us 45 minutes to to 4 miles! (Funny side note: Mike turned on the radio to hear the traffic report and the guy on the radio says, "I'm up here in the chopper and this is by far the worst day of traffic I've seen in some time....it's a real mess out there!") Not only did I take the chance that my flight would be cancelled because of the storm and I'd possibly be stuck at the airport waiting for the next one, now I was running the possibility of losing my reservation altogether because I wouldn't make it in time!

God is good...

- Called Spirit en route to the airport in crawling traffic with my heart in my throat. I have had MANY bad experiences flying Spirit...but I still fly with them because I can't beat their prices! You get what you pay for, most of the time. An airline that does not, or should I say, should not, pride themselves on customer service really surprised me! I actually got through to a representative and she was very helpful and accommodating. I was able to change my flight to the same time tomorrow!

- Dropped Mike off at work and came home to a very grateful dog :)

Now I get to wake up tomorrow and do it all over again! At least I'm already packed....


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