Friday, August 15, 2008

I'm so tired...I can't sleep

By all accounts I should be in bed by now. My kids are sleeping, my husband is sleeping (and snoring, I might add), my dog is sleeping...and here I am. BLOGGING. Is it possible to be so tired you can't sleep? I think my problem is that once everything is actually quiet in my house, my brain gets loud. I start thinking about all the stuff I would probably think about if I had a moment to myself during the day. I used to do this thinking in the shower, but...(see previous post).

So, for the sake of getting it out of my head so maybe I can get some sleep, here are my LOUD thoughts right now:

- Tomorrow I have to make/deliver a meal, buy a birthday present for a party we're attending in the afternoon, get Cody's haircut so I don't look like I neglect my child to all the other parents that I won't know at this party, track a tropical storm that is now threatening my vacation to Florida on Tuesday, and wrap my mind around packing for said vacation that could possibly be cancelled...or at least delayed.

That should do it for now...


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  1. Same here, it is already late but I am still here doing comments on your blog..LOL..Kidding, anyway, I know how it feels that you are physically tired and really wants to take rest but your mind is still functioning. You feel more tired closing your eyes but you can't fall asleep..Sometimes for me to sleep I took series of exercise and exhaust myself in that way I will fall asleep.

    Anna Marie

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