Thursday, August 28, 2008

Split Personalities

I have split personalities...I discovered it tonight at Parent Night for Cody's new preschool.

Personality A: Talk about anxiety. I am waaaay too reluctant to be doing this! When did my baby grow up? I can't believe he's going to be going somewhere WITHOUT ME! If I could have my way he'd live with me until he's 40...although that probably wouldn't bode well for him in the wife seeking department. I was seriously almost in tears as his sweet new teacher was talking about the carpool line. Just the fact that I drop him off and don't walk him in every time is stressing me out! Sure, I'll drop my heart off at the curb and drive away! :( At least I still have little Tyler to keep me occupied so I'm not sitting at home weeping for my firstborn!

Personality B: Woo hoo! When can the other one go??? :)


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  1. Before I read your post, I thought you mean for split personality as in a mental disorder having 2 personality. Yeah, I do know what have you felt that moment when we realize that time really goes fast without knowing that our love one have changed already.


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