Thursday, August 14, 2008

My First Blog!

If you're like me, (a sleep deprived mom who does virtually the same things every day) sometimes you just need a distraction from the insanity.

Welcome to  my distraction :)

Some time ago I saw a woman on Oprah who had written a book entitled, Eat, Pray, Love. She had travelled to all these exotic places on a journey of self discovery. It struck me as a huge reminder:

Eat - I usually am so caught up in feeding my own kids that I forget to feed myself (you would think I'd be a lot thinner by now, but HAHA I'm not).

Pray - Let's be honest, we ALL could find more time in our day to do this

Love - The love I have for my family is unconditional, but I want to be more intentional about loving other people the same way. 

I'd have to add one more thing if I were writing this book myself. My book would be entitled, Eat, Pray, Love, and Don't Forget to Shower.

I'm not one of those moms who has ever mastered "crying it out". I'm always worried that my child might be crying because he's sick, or scared, or dangling by a limb from his crib. I'm a big worrier. I will usually only last 10 minutes before going in to check on him. Therefore, my children have never mastered sleeping. They wake up at ungodly get my drift. This makes it difficult for me to a) have a decent night's sleep and b) get up early enough to take a shower. I usually end up showering at night after my kids have (FINALLY) gone to sleep. However, lately I've been so exhausted that I often forget to even shower. I just go to bed! I know, judge me if you will...I'm disgusting, but I dare say it does happen.

So to all you mommies out there: EAT, PRAY, LOVE.....AND DON'T FORGET TO SHOWER!



  1. i like it, beth! off to a good start. :)

  2. Its really hard to be a mother, but all the love we can give to our children, it true what you say EAT, PRAY, LOVE and don't forget to shower.

    Carmela Lee from Épilation intégrale