Monday, November 29, 2010

I might get out of bed for Edward

Today is Cyber Monday. I had no idea such a thing existed. You can do a heck of a lot of online shopping for really cheap stuff today if you need it, or couldn't get it on Black Friday. Confession: I'm not good at coupons. I envy the women who roll around the grocery store with binders and envelopes stuffed full of them. I've just never gotten the knack for it. Yes, I love getting a good deal, but I don't live for it. I don't wake up early in the morning for it. I know, my husband is a lucky, lucky man, isn't he?

Naturally, I don't do Black Friday. I don't really care if I can get something that costs fifty dollars for twenty, or something that costs five hundred for a hundred. Do not even whisper the words "3 in the morning" within earshot of me or there will be blood, and, trust me, it'll be yours.

What I didn't know (and discovered this year) is that you can still get some pretty awesome Black Friday deals at a normal hour, like noon. Our family ventured out of the house from our turkey-induced stupor at lunchtime the day after Thanksgiving to find something OTHER than turkey to eat. We got burgers, and after all that turkey y'all, those burgers were DI-VINE.

We decided after our lunch to poke around the stores in our burger joint area to see if there were any deals left to be had. And let me tell you...OLD NAVY T-SHIRTS FOR FIVE DOLLARS!!! AND CUTE SHOES 50% OFF AT KOHLS!!!

Okay, so I am kind of getting the Black Friday thing, and the idea of shopping online on Cyber Monday whilst still in my Twilight pj's is appealing. But I'm still not getting up at 3 in the morning for a t-shirt. Not even if it's free. Not even if you told me Robert Pattinson (Edward from Twilight - yes, I'm a loser) himself had worn it. Okay, maybe then I'd think about it.

P.S. You're welcome.

Did you get any good Black Friday deals? Did you know today is Cyber Monday?


  1. I don't go out on black Friday. I stay at home and don't even look at my car. That is my epitome of hell. I do not like shopping. Especially when it's really busy. :)

  2. You KNOW if Rob was selling the shirts you would stay up for 48 hours straight...I know what motivates you out of bed =)...I too ventured out around 12:00 and got some pretty good deals, but that 3 am crap is for the birds! Keep your diamond pendant for $99, I don't really want it anyway =)!

  3. ha ha I am a black friday fiend, its a pity I was not around this year to raid my mall.

  4. I got a medal last year for boosting America's economy

  5. My husband sat at the kitchen table on Friday, drinking coffee and ordering toys on We did, however, line up outside Big Lots on Saturday just before 7am, to get a deal on a kiddie kitchen. But we were in and out in 7 minutes and I got a Starbucks out of it! It was fun, but I'm with you... I don't go crazy over sales.

  6. HA! You are so funny! I'm with you, girlfriend, nothing is dragging me out of bed at 3 AM (well... unless I gave birth to 'it' ;) this happens quite often!)


  7. I'm one who "stumbled" here - from Cindy's blog.

    My good deal on Friday - getting up at 4:30 to drive my wife and daughter's around. And Starbucks coffee. It was a good (and long) day and worth it.

  8. I don't do Black Friday, but I was able to get some awesome deals on Sunday. Of course, none of it was for Christmas. It was just stuff we needed.

  9. My DD begged me for a shot at Black Friday. We went. We vowed never again. Apparantly, it's not much fun when I don't buy her anything! Isn't Christmas only a month away? Sheesh!