Friday, August 6, 2010

Who Doesn't Love a Good Contest?

It's Fun Friday, kids. Today was spent having...FUN. My son starts Kindergarten in a week, so we're soaking up the last few bits of fun before he leaves me FOOOORREEEVVVVEEERRR. I'm not going to cry...I'm not.

Moving on...with happy thoughts! What makes me happy?
- Puppies
- Rainbows
- Bubble baths...

...and RONI AND JULIE'S TOTALLY EPIC SUMMER CONTEST! Seriously, if you're not following Roni over at Fiction Groupie and the equally wonderful Julie (who just sold her YA book Tempest and signed a three-book deal with Thomas Dunne Publishers!) at Diary of an Unpublished Wanna-be Writer then you are MISSING OUT. Not just because of the contest (they've been interviewing agents all week and it is some invaluable information), but because they are two very talented women. 

SO writers, it would behoove you to get over there and take advantage of the amazing giveaways...query critiques! 5 page manuscript critiques! book giveaways!

Non-writers, Happy Friday. Um, yeah, that's all for you. Maybe I'll have something epic for you NEXT Friday.


  1. Beth, have fun, and more fun with your little guys! I'll check out that site. Thanks

  2. Wow I'm bahooved to move on over there. And don't worry about your son, I promise after that painful first day it'll feel like any other day after that. Bring kleenex and a camera.

  3. Oh, Kindergarten--I remember that day. And I have another that will going off in a few years. The first day is hard but it gets easier :) Have a great weekend!

  4. Enjoy the time with your little guy - it's a special time!

    Thanks for the links :)

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  6. Sorry, I had to remove the last comment because I made a silly spelling error. Anyhow, just wishing you summer fun with your little one, and thanks for the links.

  7. My baby starts Pre-school soon. I'm having serious separation anxiety.