Monday, August 23, 2010

Love It/Hate It Kindergarten Style

My son made it successfully through his first week of Kindergarten!!!

This further proves the fact that I really am quite the exemplary mother he really is the coolest kid on the planet. He did have one minor hiccup, the details of which I will not go into here on the Internet. Why? Because I don't want to get a call when he's, I don't know, middle aged and in therapy, telling me how he remembers the time when I embarrassed him on the Internet. And I'll have to be all, "Uh, which time was that again?" No. I don't need that on my conscience.

In lieu of this celebration, here are the things I love/hate about my child being in Kindergarten.

Love It:
- He wears uniforms! He might complain about not having the freedom to choose his own clothes down the road, but I never will. Uniforms are God's gifts to mothers like me, who have a hard enough time dressing themselves at 6 A.M., let alone their kids.

- That he has already made a ton of friends, and that he asks me on a daily basis if they can come over and play. A lot of them are girls, which has me practicing my stinkeye I think is adorable.

- That I get that one on one time with my youngest. There is a lot less screaming and fighting and a lot more laughter. He has such an awesome little personality, and I get to hang out with him all day and just marvel at the funny things he says and does. He's a lot like his Daddy.

Hate It:
- Holy Lord, the crafts have already started. I am not a crafty person. I don't scrapbook; I don't paint; I don't make my own jewelry or clothes. I am completely inept when it comes to gluing anything to anything else. Also, I HATE LEGOS, and I am convinced they are the bane of most mothers' existence. Sorry, it seemed relevant.

- The paperwork. In addition to not being crafty, I am not all that organized either. I know, it's a wonder my husband even married me. I have no idea how to stay on top of the sheer magnitude of paper that now comes home in my son's tote bag. I AM OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS!

- Missing him. I miss him so, so, SO MUCH.

Do you have something you LOVE/HATE about your child being in school (Kindergarten or otherwise)? 


  1. When my kidlet was in Kindergarten, she had homework! I hated that.
    I love having the house to myself during the day but then when she comes home from school it's like it's double the work, so I hate that. :)

  2. My kids start school next week and I'm worried I will be a weepy mess all week! I am excited to have special time with my little ones though.

    When it comes to paperwork I believe in THROWING STUFF AWAY! Otherwise we'd seriously be buried in old school work. I usually let them keep 1 or two papers a month (usually art projects or things they've written--I don't save math worksheets). They each have a box to keep stuff in. I imagine we'll go through it in a few years and thin it out more.

  3. I loved hearing about all the cool stuff my daughter did. I, like you, HATED the crafts and homework!!

  4. Uniforms are great. NOthing to think about would be a dream for me. :O)

  5. My little man's not even close to that yet, but I can imagine I'll have some loves/hates too when that time comes.

  6. You are so cute. Love the "sinkeye." I may steal that one. :) Each year seems like they require more of the kids and then more of us. He sounds like he's doing great!

  7. Congrats on making it through the first week. My daughter had her first day today and her teacher is my dad's neighbor. I babysat for her when I was younger! She's a fabulous person and teacher, I've heard, so I love that she's my daughter's teacher. Nothing to hate yet but I know soon I'm going to be asked daily if so and so can come over and play or have a sleepover.

  8. Aww! Yay for first day success!!! My sons first year of school was a nightmare with the amount of weird homework they kept sending home. I hope you have a better go at it than we did!

  9. Hi Beth! My son starts pre-K on Wednesday and I got a at-home craft in the MAIL! Like he has to (okay, I have to) make a poster with a collage of his likes and dislikes. And to make it even worse, I'm sure there will be some crazy mom in the class who uses ModPodge and hand-watercolors the pictures and my stupid magazine collage will never be up to par. Ha! Congrats on your kid starting kinder... and good luck!

  10. Beth -- about that sure you read my chapter on Order and Organization. There are some ideas there!

    What do I hate about my baby being in his freshman year of college? I keep expecting the door to open and him to come sauntering in...

    What do I love? He has a great sense that he's where he should be and he's happy!

  11. There are paperwork and crafts? That's it. We're doing homeschool.

  12. Love hearing about his day and what friends he played with, but miss him and am sad he's getting so old so fast =(

  13. "I am completely inept when it comes to gluing anything to anything else."

    THAT made me laugh out loud. Glad that it was a good week overall. --And I think it's good that you miss him so much---I think some moms don't miss their little ones enough when suddenly they're away from home.