Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I did it...

(Isn't that picture hilarious? Not that I liken myself to an elephant or anything. Well, maybe the feet! Courtesy of Google Images)

I finally took the plunge and submitted the first two chapters of my novel to my critique partners. 

Um. Wow. I never realized the feeling I would have when I hit that "send" button would be like, I don't know, GIVING BIRTH all over again. Like everything I've held so dear for the last nine months is now out there in the world, unprotected, exposed. 

The first round of feedback I got was probably 50% good/50% not so good. My partners (who are awesome btw) were totally helpful in pointing out what I've done well and what needs work.

 I actually agreed with them 100%. Wait, WHAT?

I thought that I'd be all territorial and guarded about having my novel held in the hands of someone else...kind of like how I was with my first kid. "NO, you may NOT touch my baby, STRANGER IN THE GROCERY STORE!" I really wasn't though, which surprised me. I think I handled it a little more like I did when the second kid came around, like, "You want to hold my baby? Of course you can! I'm going to go take a nap for an hour or two, mkay?"

The only way I can explain that is: I WANT to be the best writer I can be, and I know that means letting people examine my work for flaws. It might be painful at first, but if you can put your fear/pride/righteous indignation aside, it's going to make you that much better in the end. 

If you don't have a crit partner (or three or four), GET ONE. If you do, THANK THEM. 

Pretty In Ink...this one's for you ;P

*Blog friend MeganRebekah inspired this post. She is doing a great series on putting your stuff out there for feedback. Check it out!

*Other blog friend Jody Hedlund also had some great things to say about what to do with feedback today. Go see for yourself!

** I missed Mommy Monday because I was watching hubby's baseball team win the final four in baseball. We are going to the State Championship! Woo hoo! So excited for his team...stay tuned to see how they do (they play again this Friday, so I will be on the road AGAIN!).


  1. Beth, good for you! I have critique partners and they are great!

  2. Good for you getting it out there...I keep saying to myself it's good to show my baby off to others, even when they call my baby ugly.
    ~ Wendy

  3. You know, the same thing happens to me. My crit group is awesome and there feedback is always spot on, and I agree with the issues they've pointed. And I always feel so much more inspired after I send out my work and receive their suggestions.

    (and thanks for the shoutout. it made me grin!)

  4. Good for you!! I was terrified but prepared the first time I asked someone to crit. my work. I agreed with their assessment too.

    I still learn so much from my crit. partners. I don't know what I'd do without them. Seriously.

    Congrats to you and your hubby for his baseball!

  5. Way to go! This is huge. We should all take note.

  6. I'm glad the review did not flatten you but built up more steam for you to be the best.

    Have a great weekend! :O)

  7. Yay for you! I may need to submit some stuff soon so I love hearing about others' good experiences. Good luck to your husband in the State Championship.

  8. Whoohoo! How exciting! I'm hoping to find some critique partners, I found a group that meets once a quarter, but they do have critique groups. Thankfully, there is a meeting next week. Of course, I have nothing for them yet, just 4500 words of eh. LOL.

    I know I said it already, but Yea!!!! Exciting!
    Doing a happy dance for you.