Wednesday, March 9, 2011

This Is Why I Write

I read author Kiersten White's post yesterday about the publishing industry and how there are no shortcuts to getting to the top (and by top, I mean published). Now, I likened this post to a high school senior taking a new freshman under his/her wing and offering them a how-not-to-get-your-a**-kicked talk (even though I'd probably have to be on my knees in order for Kiersten herself to put me under her wing, because I am nearly six feet tall, and she is, well...not).

As you will see by her post today, not everyone understood her intentions, so she goes in a little deeper and explains her meaning (and, recognizing that her subject matter is rather heavy, offers a bit of lightness via Flight of the Conchords at the end, which is hilarious). This is my favorite excerpt from today's post:

"If you are trying to get published because you love writing, never lose sight of the why.  Don't get so focused on having a book that you lose the reasons you write those manuscripts in the first place.  Writing is amazing.  The best writers I know write because without writing they would be lost.  They write because of the sheer giddy joy of creation.  They write because they genuinely, unabashedly love telling stories.  They stick it out through the frustrations of drafting and the agonies of edits because they are deeply committed to what they are doing.  They move forward from rejection and failure because to quit writing is unfathomable, even if some days it feels like they would be far saner if they just gave up.  They perfect their craft because it's important to them that what they are writing and expressing is written and expressed in the best possible way." ~ Kiersten White (NY Times bestselling author of Paranormalcy and Supernaturally, out this August)

This is why I write. Thanks, Kiersten, for taking us all under your little wing. ;)


  1. I also thought the post was positive and encouraging, But if it's online, then some crazy person is going to find it offensive, right? lol.

  2. Writing makes me ooze joy! The privilege of having a purpose stirs me past my frustrations.

  3. Well put by Kiersten. I'm kicking off a Wed. series tackling hard questions writers need to ask themselves. This is one of those.

    I like Kiersten's answer.
    ~ Wendy

  4. I am not even a writer but this makes me want to be one! Actually I can just substitute photography for writing. I am photographer because of the sheer giddy joy of shooting people.

  5. They are writer because that is what they really want. That was a very nice answer. I also use to write but I am not really into it that is why I can't make it the best.

    Mary from calorie pain au chocolat