Friday, June 11, 2010

Show Some Blog Love

Do you have a favorite blog? Or several favorites that you follow? Are they inspirational? Are they funny? Do they ask questions that get you thinking? Well here's your chance to tell everyone WHO YOU CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT! (Okay, maybe that's a stretch - but who do you reallyreallyreally like to read?)

Next Friday, I will link to all of the blogs you mentioned, as well as to your own!

So show some blog love...and leave a comment with your favorite blog(s)!


  1. Glad to see you back Beth! I am trickling my way back as well. Being pregnant came throw you a bit.

    I have so many favorites in this community, but one of the first blogs I ever started reading was Jody Hedlund. This lady is a gem indeed!

  2. Ummm, do we have a limit? You are going to hate me when I'm done with this list.

    I'm going to do two comments, because the seond one is going to be much longer.

    Always good for a laugh:
    Bye Bye Pie:

    Shades of Blonde:

    The Blog O’ Cheese:

    A Blog that stands alone:
    Forgotten Bookmarks: I this blog for writing prompts. This guy whose family business is a used book store, scans what he finds left behind in books; pictures, recipes, letters, receipts, etc… Pictures are great for when I need to try and describe settings, the letters provide constant writing material “Who hurt her, why was she so angry? Why was it left in that particular book?” I have so much fun with this blog.

  3. Now for the biggie list. I may have gotten a few listed in the wrong spots, but I'm too lazy to change it now. Sorry.

    BookEnds LLC – A Literary Agency:

    Booking It:

    Editorial Anonymous:

    Evil Editor:

    Janet Reid, Literary Agent:

    Nathan Bransford – Literary Agent:

    No Disclaimers Beta Service:

    Query Shark:

    Rachelle Gardner, Literary Agent:

    A Walk in my Shoes:

    Creepy Query Girl:

    Jill Kemerer:

    Julie Jarnagin:

    Kate in the Closet:

    Me, My Muse, and I:

    Plot Whisperer for Writers:

    Seeing Creative:

    Slushpile Slut:

    Terry Tiffany Inspirational:

    That Amy Saia:

    The Road to Publication:

    The WM Freelance Writer’s Connection:

    The Writing Mama:

    YOU – This Mommy’s Life:

    Thoughts, Writing, and Coffee:


  4. There are actually a bunch I could put on here, but I'm just picking one. It wasn't an easy choice, but I'd like to show some blog love to Missed Periods and Other Grammar Scares.

    If you couldn't tell from the title, it's a highly entertaining, yet also educational read. (That's where you can find it!)

  5. What a cool idea! I enjoy many, many blogs and could not even begin to list them all here.

    But here are the ones I am diligent about reading, because they either always teach me something or move me in some way.

    Author, Nicole Baart's blog:

    Author, Jody Hedlund's blog:

    Author, Tabitha Bird's blog, Through my Eyes:

    And last, but of course not least...

    My agent, Rachelle Gardner's blog, Rants and Ramblings of a Literary Agent:

    This list seriously does not do justice to all the blogs I read and love though!

  6. Oh I guess I am seriously the oddball here as I think yours is the only blog I usually ever look at =) So guess you are THAT special =)

  7. I like so many blogs I can't name them all. But I am definitely going to check back to see any fabulous blogs I haven't had the chance to check out yet.

  8. What a great idea, Beth!

    I love so many, but the voice and insight of Deb (a memoirist) at Catbird Scout are something special.

  9. Building His Body by Anne Lang Bundy. Simply the BEST!!!

  10. Great Idea!

    one of my favorites is
    especially the cooking section!

  11. How many can I mention?! Most of these are mom-related. That's my mode these days, with the book coming out in August. Here you go:

    For a great (and fun) perspective on life and faith:

    When I need to commiserate with other boy moms:

    Another great perspective on life, faith, and parenting:

    For an introspective look on life and mothering, with a lyrical lilt:

    When I need a dose of grace and reality from another mom:

    You're coming to FL? Let's do lunch and talk writing! Your mom has my number!