Wednesday, June 2, 2010

RIP Hard Drive

My husband took my (sad little) broken laptop to the repair place to see how bad the damage was from its epic fall from the mantle of our fireplace.

Bad news is: my hard drive is a goner. Thank the Good Lord I had recently emailed my full manuscript to myself, because I still have that. However, all the notes, cuts, rough outlines, and character sketches that I had (idiotically) not backed up are gone :(

Good news is: I'll have a spankin' new hard drive, which means lots of free memory space!

Being without my laptop these last few weeks has felt like losing one of my limbs. I know there are diehard people out there who can write anywhere at anytime, but I am not one of them. I do NOT write well while I'm at home - thus the laptop.

There are two reasons for this: 1) My sons are crazy 2) My house is in constant need of attention because my sons are crazy. Having two (adorable, smart, energetic) boys means constant interruptions which, for this writer, means complete loss of concentration. I can usually only write (at least write WELL) when my kids are deep in sleep. And that's only if I lock myself in our office (or at my desk in my bedroom, which I think I need to MOVE because of its proximity to my BED). If I don't lock myself away in a room, then I will be too tempted to turn on the television or fold the ever haunting pile of laundry or clean something.

My places of choice to write are Barnes & Noble, where I can be surrounded by books (I find that very inspiring) or Starbucks, where I'm bombarded with the aroma of coffee (I find that very that a word? I just made that up because it rhymed.) However, with no laptop I have been forced to write at home. Can't wait to edit THOSE chapters.

All that to say, I'm very excited to get my laptop back...I've missed her very much (Of course she's a SHE!).


  1. I recently bought a whole new laptop. I got so used to my old one that I can't get used to this one.

    I can only write in the wee hours of the morning, when everyone is still smart enough to be asleep.

    Daughter. Son. Wife.

    Of course, I'm in the office, sipping my coffee.

    Next to a crib. Full of baby gear.

    Because she's due in November and people keep giving us baby stuff.

    We're not even calling it The Office anymore. It's The Baby's Room!

    And I don' have another office space in my 4BR house! Every room is full!

    So I may be joining you at Starbucks soon.

    - Eric

  2. I had to pay too much money to have my harddrive backed up. Sad that you lost all the accessory files, though :( I can only write well when my children are unconscious, too. I'm still so so sooo jealous about your B&N/Coffeehouse time. I can't get away from my house.

  3. Of course she's a she! ;)

    Glad you'll have all that new memory space to crank out more stories. Sorry about the loss of the limb.
    ~ Wendy

  4. Our computer has crashed more times in the last three years than I can even count. I've lost information--nothing crucial--but I hate losing info. I'm sorry you lost your files. Thank goodness you had your ms!

    I'm going to go de-tire!

  5. A new laptop, is great but I'm sorry you lost some of your files. Glad to have you back!

  6. Aww, sorry to hear about that. I'm so glad you e-mailed yourself your manuscript though!

    Well I'm glad "she" got a new hard drive. The real question here is, does "she" have a name?

  7. AH! That really stinks! I'm sorry Beth. But I'm glad you have a copy of your manuscript! I go crazy when I lose stuff.

  8. Oh, sorry about the lost ms corrections, eeks! Nice about the new hard drive and memory space.

    My laptop is a she, she even has a name: Sheba. I've got the rest of the family calling her by her name. She's my little girl (really, I have all boys, she's my only girl).

    Hope you get your girl back quick.