Friday, October 29, 2010

A Halloween Public Service Announcement

This is a repeat post from last year, but I think it will serve you well. Stay safe out there this weekend!

*My Buzz and Woody - Halloween 2009*

1. You CAN get a hangover from candy. The remedy? MORE CANDY.
2. Your child COULD be allergic to his costume. But since you paid $40 for it, you WILL give him Benadryl and tell him to buck up.
3. Carving three pumpkins = insanity.
4. Use old Christmas lights to light your pumpkin instead of an actual candle if you're going to be leaving your house on Halloween. That way, your house doesn't burn down and everyone can still enjoy the stenciled-on ghost face that your husband painstakingly carved out of your enormous pumpkin. Everyone wins.
5. Buy a smaller pumpkin next year.
6. Trick or treating in the cold and rain is still fun for kids. For adults...not so much.
7. Make sure you're invited to a friend's house where this recipe is being served. Trust me.
8. Make sure that friend is a great photographer, because you might get just about the cutest picture you've ever seen of your kid in a costume.

And now a word about the Fall Back time change: When you think it's a good idea to stay over at your friend's house and keep your kids up later so that they'll "sleep in" the next morning instead of waking up an hour earlier? IT'S NOT.
That is all.
You're welcome.


  1. ha ha very nice picture i say.
    and handy advice now pray tell are these personal lessons did u almost burn down your house once?

  2. You crack me up.

    Happy Halloween.
    ~ Wendy

  3. Beth, Have a safe, happy Halloween. That recipe looks scrumtious!! Yum, who's making it, and where do they live?

  4. HA! I love it.

    Have a great Halloween with those little guys of yours.

  5. Oh, the kids are soooo cute! And yes, I agree, thinking the kids will "sleep in", yeah, doesn't work.